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Home is where the ghost is

Book By: nightworld123
Young adult

This is a story that i'm writing for a competition. Please leave as many comments as possible to help me improve, I really want to stand a chance of winning!!

Submitted:Dec 19, 2008    Reads: 94    Comments: 1    Likes: 2   

Her long auburn curls flared out behind her in the icy, salt breeze.

"Niamh, you need to hurry up or we'll be late!" Cried Sean from the bottom of the path. Her brother's voice didn't even register as she embraced the nature on the cliff and the ocean the below.

"Niamh ... are you..." Sean trailed off when he saw her, with her arms spread out wide and her wide dress billowing, she looked eerily beautiful.She turned and smiled at him then turned back to glaze over the ocean. He noticed her emerald green eyes twinkling with tears, "When i stand up here, smelling the sea and trees together ... it reminds me of home." Niamh whispered her harsh irish accent breaking slightly.

Sean came up behind her slowly and rubbed her shoulder comfortingly.

"We'll go back soon, when we've finished school and we're eighteen. Then the manor will be ours," Sean paused as a shiver trickled down his spine at the thought of going back there. "and we can do what we want with it, sell it ... or keep it if you want to."

"Okay, but what if we forget about it and then we'll be eighty and we're still living here in England? What then?"

"If we miss it then we'll go back, simple as."

"Yes, but, but ..." Niamh was cut off by harsh sobs.

The sigh that came from Sean was barely audible on the salty breeze. He waited, his onl;y time measure the waves the waves that sloshed against the deadly rocks below. Just like the ones that mum ... he cut off his thoughts before he managed to linger on them too much. He wouldn't let himself think about that, it was the past and he knew that you should never live in the past.

"Maybe we should go back, Aunt Judith will be having a fit." Niamh grumbled as she dashed at her tear-stricken cheeks. Sean mummbled an agreement so they made their way back down the cliff to the house that was now their home.

* * *

The manor was huge, sometimes too big! But it was home to the Donelly's. It looked somewhat melancholy with the large, greyish colour bricks and scarlet drapes that hung in every room on the front of the building. The horse-shoe drive crunched with gravel and showed off a Bentley, a Lexus and two stunning Rolls Royce. Inside it was not at all like it portrayed on it's morbid exterier. It was bright, colourful, modern and warm.

The entrance hall was broad and well lit with colourful and wonderful smelling candles that were only lit at night. Most of the rooms downstairs were decorated in red's and gold's with tropical paintings, ournaments and flowers. Niamh's room was on the third floor and was decorated in the colours of the forest.


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