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Highschool Lives

Book By: PerksOfBeingAGeek
Young adult

A story about a new girl from England who comes to a high school in America called Khara. Here.Here she finds her new friend Brad, read to find out the crazy things they get up to. Where they find out the perks of friendship, how to stand up to the school bullies and of course there is always a little bit of romance.

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Chapter 1:

"Today class, we have a new student. She comes from England and her name is Khara." Said Mr Jones to his freshman Maths class. Just as he finished the sentence a medium sized girl with shoulder length brown hair ran in, stumbling over her feet she dropped her books. The class let out a low giggle. Well all except one. After quickly picking them up and pulling a piece of hair behind her ear she gave a shy wave and said

"Hey. I'm Khara." The teacher smiled.

"Ok, please sit down next to Brad" He said, gesturing to the black haired boy sitting on the left side of the first row.

Khara nodded and took her seat. The boy turned to face her.

"Hey, I'm Brad. So what brings you to America?" He asked shyly.

"Well, my parents wanted a fresh start and they always wanted to go here, so I guess here I am" Khara replied smiling at him.

"Well it's great to meet you" Brad replied smiling back. Do you want me to show you're around?" He added.

"Yeah sure" She replied, her smile turning into a grin.

Whoa, she/he's cute. The pair thought about each other.

The truth was Khara had moved to America after being bullied for the past five years of her life because of being a 'geek'. Her dad was offered a job in America. In England he was un-employed so it was a great opportunity for him to make more money and for the whole family to have a better life. She lived at home with her bossy younger sister Marta and her older brother Ricky who was too involved in video games to talk to anyone. Also her mother Susan and father David. She could see that Brad seemed to be trust worthy. But he was so cute; she couldn't let someone that cute know she was bullied. Well that's what she thought anyway. Truth is Brad was a total geek himself.

"Aww well isn't this cute. Does Brad think a certain British newbie is just so adorable" A voice said from behind, in a girly mocking tone.

Brad sighed and turned around.

"What are you talking about Raymond" Brad said, slightly frustrated. His face had gone a pale colour of pink.

"Oh. You know what I mean. Isn't Khara pretty? What about you Max? What do you think?" Said Raymond, smirking.

"Oh yeah. She's so pretty! He said in a sarcastic way. Just Brad's type right, Bradly?" Said Max smirking himself.

This time it was Khara's turn to go a light shade of pink. She kept her head down and starred at her paper. Brad's face was now as red as a strawberry.

"Gonna answer any time soon, geek?" Said Raymond his patience running out.

"My opinion has nothing to do with you Raymond. And she's a girl not an object. Do you even have manners?" Brad asked, rolling his eyes and returning to his work.

"Brad fancies Khara, Brad fancies Khara" The two boys whispered directing it to the pair a desk in front of them.

Now Khara had had enough. She turned round, frustration shown all over her face.

"Would you shut your mouth please? Don't you have work to do instead of making up stupid songs?" She said an angry tone filled her voice.

Raymond and Max sat silently, their mouths agape.

This was Khara's time to smirk.

"Finally. Some peace." She said giving them a sarcastic smile as she turned back to face her desk.

"That was really brave of you. Almost no one stands up to them." Brad said astonished.

"Well I guess I just did" Khara replied laughing.

Shortly after the bell went to signal the start of lunch.

"Okay class make sure you finish the homework due tomorrow, except you Khara your excused" Mr Jones said even though no one was really listening.

The class packed out the door at full speed, that made it seem like they hadn't ate in months.

All except Khara and Brad, Khara was still trying to adjust while Brad…well she didn't know why Brad was taking so long.

"So erm, would it be alright if I sat with you at lunch? I totally understand if there's not enough space, I mean I'm sure you have tons of friends. And why would you even want to be seen with me unless, well no why would you…" She kept babbling on.

"Whoa." Brad said putting his hands on her shoulders. Bust as fast as he did he took them off realizing what he had done. Both of them went a bright shade of pink, again.

He laughed it off and finished his sentence.

"Sure you can sit with me, I promised to show you around didn't I?" He said smiling.

"Thanks" She smiled back. As they walked to the cafeteria together.

"So where are your friends then?" Said Khara placing her tray down next to Brad's.

"Oh, well you see…" He trailed on.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I understand…" Khara said looking down.

Brad suddenly seemed to be highly interested in his lunch tray.

This turn Khara put her hand on his shoulder.

"Well, I'll be your friend" She said grinning at him.

He grinned back.

"Thanks" He replied.

"So, Khara. Your names so pretty, does it have a meaning?" Brad asked, casually making conversation. Though her name wasn't the only thing he though was pretty. He thought everything about her was pretty from her looks, her name and her personality. But he'd never let her know that. He was really bad with girls.

"Um yeah. It means I love you in Arabic" Khara replied. "I really like your name to" She finished.

"That's lovely" He said smiling. "So what are you interested in?" He asked, carrying on the conversation.

"I love English, the subject I mean. I'm also really into psychology and I love to play the guitar. How about you?" She replied

"I love English to, I also play the piano" Brad said.

"Ooo, could you teach me sometime, I've always wanted to learn how to play the piano." Khara asked.

"Yeah sure, in return would you teach me the guitar" He asked laughing.

"Of course" She replied a slight giggle in her voice.

"I'm glad you moved here, Khara. I'm sure it will be more fun with you here" Said Brad smiling at her for the hundredth time today. And blushing as well for that matter.

Khara blushed as well.

"Same here, I'm sure we're going to great friends." She replied.

And from that lunch, they both knew they would have a long lasting friendship. However no one could predict what a crazy time they were going to have together. But that's for another time.


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