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mindless behavior love (some parts r rated r)

By: princetonsprincess

Page 1, mindless behavior



@ roc royals nieborhood @ his friends house 


(roc royal knocks on the door)


???:who is it 


roc royal:trey 


???:omg trey 


(??? opens door and hugs roc roc hugs back)


roc royal:hay cristal


cristal:i miss u so much how r u and ur group i love all yall songs


rocroyal were doing fine and thank u


(cristal looked and saw mb)


cristal:omg ur princeton and ur ray ray and ur prodigy omfg i love yall 


mb:we love u too (smiles)


cristal:omg princeton ur smile is so sexi im gonna melt (smiles)


princeton:(laught) urs 2 


roc royal:so cristal how u been 


cristal: ive been fine


roc royal:ive really missed u the only thing taht aint make me run away home is ur pic in my walet



cristal:awwwww ur so sweet 


valintine:umm roc dont get her shancked 

(cristal looked around)


cristal:um who u talkin bout gonna get shancked


valintine:u mm u sweety 


stay tuned to see what happens next duces 


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