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Flying With Broken Wings Ch 3

Book By: RavenRancor
Young adult

So now the big move. As we found out Ryan sucks at breaking news, good or bad. Give her some time, she'll get used to California.

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Chapter 3

Sigh, okay, so we do have to move out of Illinois. We lost the bid on the house, so now we're moving to California. BIG DIFFERENCE, RYAN. BIG. I suppose I should be happy, since California is an awesome place and lots of people couldn't get houses there if they tried, but I was just sour that I was moving so far away. Hannah took me out there to a hotel near the house to get new clothes. It's not near LA or anything, out in the country more, but jeeze yes! Mansions of possible famous people and a shopping trip. For at least the next hour, I am content. How cool is that? Famous peeps!

Yeah, it's not that cool. Sorry to burst all your bubbles. The first day of school I wanted to look nice, and just wore a black t-shirt, and skinny jeans, my hair newly dyed neon green and blue highlights. Not that I do that often, I just wanted to give an impression.

But -hear this- when I got to school, these kids were so gothic and emo I nearly laughed out loud at all their faces, and then I would've been in a coffin -literally. All I could think of was Masquerade 360 all day.

It wasn't that funny though. People kept walking up on my right side and scaring the crap out of me! It freaked me out, since I am now permanently blind in that eye according to the doctors. There was this one girl -a bit perky if you ask me- who was nice though. Probably just because she must take in all the lost newcomers.

"Hey, I'm Amber. Welcome to Eaglewood High. I can show you around, if you like, but you do look a little lost. You've got all my classes if you're Deseray, right? Cool name, let's go!" Amber blabbered quickly as she dragged me to every class unwillingly. Her name definitely matched her: her eyes were this hazel/amber color that was completely amazing, and totally showed off the fact that her brown hair wasn't dull, but shiny. Although, she wore rather peppy clothing, a long sleeved white shirt with a rainbow on it, but it made up points because it was Charlie the Unicorn. Made of win. She also had on a four leaf clover necklace, green stud earrings and skinny jeans (which were not her style. I hope her friends point this out.) The day plodded slowly to lunch. By then, I knew all Amber's friends (and enemies), or at least their names, and I would see them at lunch.

"Hey guys!" Amber said to a group of kids as she pulled my arm to plop me next to her. "This is Deseray. Des, this is James, Nick, Eric, Shawn and Kitty," she pointed in a row. James was kind of cute, and I felt awkward as soon as I thought that, because his grin broadened, blue eyes sparkling beneath black curls. His clothing was too simple to call him exactly hot, so mostly teddy bear cute (plain gray shirt, plain blue jeans). Shawn was arguing with Kitty about something (they were apparently twins, but lord, they looked nothing alike and acted nothing alike) about how no one can be completely straight, and Shawn was winning. That's awesome; Shawn is a girl with a guy name that is somehow adorable. She had these forest green eyes and green highlights in her black hair, while Kitty had these ocean green ones that mirrored hers in a lighter way, with strawberry blonde hair, and was five inches taller than her twin. Shawn had very obviously dyed her hair, and was apparently just blonde underneath -or so her eyebrows said- and wore gothic things like the rest of the school, like a diagonal chain and black studded belt across each other and not even being used for its purpose over a Mindless Self Indulgence t-shirt, with skinny jeans (which were her style, unlike Amber).

Her shoes were Chucks and sported her own doing on them (which I was shocked she wore to a public place), they were white with black words emblazoned on them. When I looked, the left side of the left shoe said Y.A.O.I. and the right side of the right shoe said F.A.N.G.I.R.L. and blue male signs overlapping on the tops. Her ears were pierced twice on one ear, three times on the other with one in the upper cartilage, just plain colors, and she wore a pretty, out-of-place gold and silver locket, along with arm fishnets and had her nails painted silver and black. Kitty wore a cleaner ensemble, two sets of earrings, one red hearts and the other black, alternating (which I thought was pretty cool), fingers painted black and red, with a black and pink shirt that featured a LOLcat, saying 'Emo kitteh hates pretty things', a black cat turning away from a vase of flowers, and comfy, frayed, holey black jeans and red flip-flops. This school was very…unobservant. I'm sure this is against the rules. Well, more clothing options for me.

Behind whispered words, I discovered an extremely awkward fact: Nick and Eric were gayer than fruit salad. Together. But they were very cute and sweet gay guys, so whatever. Eric was the one I immediately attached to, but Shawn was more attached to Nick apparently. BFFs and things. Eric had eyes that were so blue they were almost purple, and if you caught them in the right light, they had sparks of indigo, while Nick just had a pretty mixture of chocolate and mocha brown, and even their hair clashed together, Eric's being a dirty blonde and Nick's being such a dark black that I bet if you saw him at midnight it would stand out. Which makes that even cuter. If you saw the light hit his hair right he had fading blue streaks that apparently he needed to fix tonight (he had winked at Eric, who stuttered and blushed). Eric was wearing track shorts (they were both in track) and a Pokémon (long live Pokémon!!) shirt with a purple blazer over it. The creature featured on the shirt happened to so be an Eevee, one of my favorites (mostly because of the unbearable cuteness, not that I'd ever admit I like the kiddy show out loud). I told him so later, and he gave a nearly blinding smile, finding a new video game buddy. Nick was going for the 'tough guys wear pink' fad (not cool), but then again, he's gay (white t-shirt with a button-up pink pinstriped one on top) and skinny jeans (is this a gang thing or am I missing something…?) that Eric probably enjoyed.

I had just given a short smile to them, and slowly but surely, they all got wrapped around my little finger, in the order of Kitty, James, Shawn, Eric and Nick.

The basic line of lunch went like this. Nick was the first person to talk to me, and he just chirped-

"Hey, you know, you remind me of Anna Sophia Rob. Same profile, you're just cuter,"

"Um…" I averted my gaze and blushed, since this was before I uncovered their um…orientation. Amber just laughed at me.

"Don't worry. Him and Eric are just trying to hide the fact that they're gay," I looked over at the two, who were currently smiling goofily at each other and trying not to get caught by a teacher holding hands and doing some definitely not school appropriate things, which made me nod to myself. Now that I looked, they were both tipping my radar, Eric just a teeny bit more than Nick. Well, California is the gay state of the USA…

At the end of the day (god I hate school), I was accompanied home by Eric and Nick, who were both heading to Nick's house (if you get my drift). Amber was there too, but she was texting her boyfriend. I hadn't met him, since he didn't go to Eaglewood, but his name was Blake. I had a bad feeling, but mostly because Blake always sounded like some antagonist name to me. Blake and Drake and Damien and…why am I coming up with villain names?

I turned around thoughts in my head like a blender in boredom. The problem: three guys from some of my classes. The solution: ask a gay guy. They always have the answers, and if they don't, they'll go to long lengths to get you the answer. (I'm sure that's incorrect, but it's a nice thing to believe.)

"Who are they?" I vaguely asked Nick, whom was the first person in my view when I decided to actually ask. He looked up from Eric and located my item of questioning.

"Oh, that's Matt, Shane and Adam. Matt's the tall one in the middle with black hair and blue highlights, lighter than mine you'll notice if you look closer, and they match his eyes perfectly," I rolled my eyes as a sign to continue. "Shane is the blonde-ish one who's eleven months younger and has those weird green eyes, we think they're contacts, and Adam is the one who's Matt's twin," Nick explained, left arm around Eric and in the blonde's jacket pocket in a cute gesture.

"Oh. Okay. So they're basically kind of outcasts a little. I gots it," I grinned at them as Shane waved like an over exuberant puppy dog, Matt and Adam ignoring in boredom.

"Shane seems sweet. Matt is kind of demonic looking, and so is Adam," I thought out loud, kind of giving a wistful look as Shane started excitedly talking to his older brothers about something, turning down a different street.

** **


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