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Foreign Races
By Ricky Anderson
The novel centres around three American teenagers, whose lives are turned upside down when a mysterious visitor named Okzodian delivers the earth shattering news that they are the last of the extinct Boskopian race. Soon after Tabitha Nathan and Jason also discover that they are not the only extinct race walking the earth. A deadly mouse and cat game soon ensues between the teenagers and the Androdanas race. Adding to the complication is the intense attraction developing between Nathan and Tabitha. The relationship is kept secret for a while but eventually exposed and out in the open. The Androdanas race leader Marcorius singles Tabitha out, seeing her as the weakest member of the group. He organises an attack on her which transforms Tabitha into part Androdanas. Nathan is compelled to kill and attack the enemy; Including Tabitha. Due to the physical chemistry between the pair, his desire to kill her becomes even stronger. Tabitha is now in mortal danger, an easy defenceless prey that can be attacked from every corner. When Jason discovers Nathan’s plan he vows to protect her and in doing so they flee to the snow infested mountains of Alaska where they meet the Wolves, a tribe of humans who can shape shift into wolves. The wolves are unpredictable and kill instantly if angered. Except for Keanu, who takes an immediate shine to Tabitha. Tabitha and Jason soon discover the heart breaking story of the tribe and how they became shape shifting animals. The wolves also confide to them that they share the same enemy, the Androdanas race. Tabitha once again runs for her life convinced that the wolves are going to tear her to shreds.
The wolves decide to spare her life, when Tabitha bravely rescues the child of one of the tribe members. In a bid of gratitude the wolves decide to offer Tabitha protection from the Androdanas race and her ex-boyfriend who is still intent on harming her. The wolves tell her that she’ll be safe because an ancient agreement between them and the Androdanas race establishes that they both stay out of each other’s territories. Nathan tracks her down and urges her to take up the offer of protection as he’s not sure he can resist killing her. Tabitha relieved that he didn’t harm her becomes conflicted as to what she should do.
Tabitha must make the choice between remaining in Alaska and choosing the safe but still unpredictable company of the wolves or return to her home town and face an almost certain death.

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