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Summer Dreads

Book By: s0ccerrea
Young adult

May Dentures is going to camp this year. But this year she does not have to spend her summer with the evil Mindy. Or at least that is what she thinks.

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~Chapter 1~

I was listening to my ipod and reading a Cosmo magazine…

"she paints her nails and she don't know
he's got her best friend on the phone
she'll wash her hair
his dirty clothes are all he gives to her
and he's got posters on the wall
of all the girls he wished she was
and he means everything to her

her boyfriend, he don't know
anything about her
he's too stoned, Nintendo
I wish that I could make her see
she's just the flavor of the week

it's Friday night and she's all alone
he's a million miles away
she's dressed to kill
the TV's on
he's connected to the sound
and he's got pictures on the wall
of all the girls he's loved before
and she knows all his favorite songs"

"May!" my mom screamed

This year was gonna be different, mom and dad were gonna bring me with them on their so called "business trips" or "anniversary trip" instead of sticking me into a gay summer camp.

"Ugh! What Mom?" I asked

"Your father and I have been talking and…"

"No! No! You are not sticking me at the stuck up, rich snobby camp again!"

"May… please listen, your father and I are" mom explained

"Celebrating our 13th anniversary so we think it would be better if you go to camp, just for this last year." Dad butted in

"First ewe! If you did not want me to go just say so. Also celebrating your anniversary was your excuse for not bringing me last year. "I said with a bratty tone

"May! Don't speak to your father like that. You're going to camp." Mom yelled

"Fine! Just, just send me to a different camp please." I begged

"Ok, I will send you to a different camp." Mom compromised

"Thank you." I sighed in relief

It stunk that I was not goin on an awesome vacations with my parents, but at least I would not be spending my summer being terrorized by Mindy Cornwall.

I went back to what I normally do. Sat in front of the computer and listened to Hello Good-Bye, and played around on facebook.

*Visit you at Baskin Robins all the time
To let you know that I am yours and you are mine
So we can take long walks through central park
And hold each others hands to fight the dark

So you know that you're never on your own
So you know that you're never on your own

My bonnie lies over the ocean
My bonnie lies over sea
And every night at 2 AM
I wonder why can't she lie close to me.*

My phone ringed, I forgot to check the caller id…

"May Dentures! You'll never guess who it is!" someone laughed

I only knew one person that laughed with that evil giggle… it was Mindy Cornwell

"Mindy… How did you get my number?" I said straight out with a cold voice

"Oh silly!" she said with a laugh "That doesn't matter."

"What do you want? I sighed

"Are you going to camp this year, so we can have tons of fun together?" Mindy said

"Me go back to camp! Ha-ha! No, and I never had fun with you!" I laughed to mimic her

"Well are you going to any camp?" She said like a stupid blonde (oh wait she is a stupid blonde! Ha-ha)

"Yeah, a camp your not going to." I said

With that I slammed my phone shut and went back to my computer.

There was no way Mindy would try a different camp this year just to bother me. Right? I thought to myself.

"Who was on the Phone?" mom asked

"It was Mindy." I said with and evil smirk

"Be nice!" mom responded

"Ha-Ha! Be nice? To Mindy? Yeah Ok! After two years of her terrorizing me at camp, I don't think so." I cried

~Chapter 2~

I spent the last week of my vacation at home, packing. I was going to enjoy this year. Not being any where near Mindy. I was almost excited to go to camp this year.


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