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Addison Gold (Addy) was a normal girl, until she saved Roger Wish's son, gets a modeling contract, and Kolbee Wish asks her out and she's forced to say yes. It does not take long for Addy to realize she practially hates Kolbee, and she's falling for the boy who was accused of murder when he was 11. Now Addy has a choice to make follow the world or follow her heart?

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Addison opened her locker and grabbed her math and science books and swiftly shut it and clicked the lock back on. Keeping her books in one hand and her binder in the other she headed down the hallway.

"Addy!" Said a voice coming from behind her. Addy knew exactly who it was, Kolbee. He stepped into view after she realized who it was. His white-blonde hair carefully spiked on his head, his eyes were a strange un-natural green. His muscular body was in a fitted red shirt, and his dark jeans fit him perfectly but were not any type of skinny jeans. He may look like the perfect boy on the outside but on the inside he was just like any other boy who lived in L.A.., a jerk.

"Hey Kolbee." Addy said as she rolled her eyes. She should have known she couldn't have avoided Kolbee, no matter how hard she tried. He always walked her to her 3rd and 4th hours.

"Here let me take those." Without giving Addy time to argue he took the books right out of her hands. "So the guys and I are going out tonight to play football. Wondering if you wanted to come?"

"Actually I just want to stay home tonight, ok?"

"Addy you never want to go anywhere any more! What's your problem?"

"We just went to dinner two nights ago!"

"Ya, dinner and then you had to leave because you claimed your stomach hurt so bad."

"Ok you know what you can do with that football? You can stick it up your ass!" Addy retorted, then watching as Kolbee's mouth dropped, grabbed her books out of his hands and left.

************** ** * ** ***************

"Hey Addy girl!" Said a cheerful voice as Addy set her lunch on the table.

"Hey Heather." Addy said glumly.

"So did you break up with Kolbee? Because the news is you did, well at least that's what I heard from Kimberly. But when I asked Kolbee he said that you guys would be good by tomorrow. So we need to plan for your Sixteenth Birthday party. Kimberly had this cool-"

"Heather," Addy cut her off "slow down, I didn't dump him. You of all people know I cant do that."

"Oh." That was all Heather said. The girls sat in silence for the rest of lunch.

Addy was tired of all this, all the fashion talk, the "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh."'s. She wanted it to go away, she wanted to ditch Kolbee. But she couldn't, because she was an It-Girl. Not of her friends, not of the school. No she just happened to be the It-Girl of L.A..

All, of L.A..


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