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WORTH by SecretlyGirly

Book By: SecretlyGirly
Young adult

Tags: Romance

Skye Marie Emerson is just a regular 17 year old girl... at least that's what she thinks.
Skye is a very powerful being but she has no idea. There are some that want her power, others that want to destroy her and other's that want to capture her heart.
There's a power burning inside her and waiting to become unleashed. There are more of her kind but in essence she is the most powerful.
Skye doesn't know that when gorgeous sexy Austin, saves her life everything will start to unfold.
Questions will form.
Danger will lurk around every corner.
And Falling for the wrong person, might be the very thing that can destroy her.

Submitted:Apr 1, 2013    Reads: 21    Comments: 4    Likes: 4   

AN: It would mean the world to me if you commented and gave me your thoughts and opinions!!!

BTW I've barley joined this site (not too long ago) and this is my first time creating a book/story so please bear with me!!!!

Merci Beacoup (French for 'Thank You Very Much) :D

Also the original title is 'Worth' but I changed it because the website wouldn't let me put that...WORTH

I feel my blood coursing through my veins, my heart pounding wildly in my chest, my legs sore from all that walking. The wind is blowing strong. My hair is all over my face, I can't see very well. I try pushing it off of my forehead but it just finds its way back to my face. No thanks to the wind. I keep walking. I push my short legs to continue walking faster. I can still feel his presence. His dark black eyes are a weight to my shoulders. I tell myself to not look back because once I do I won't be able to keep my eyes off of him.
The day is very gloomy and gusty, there are not a lot of people out, I know I won't have a good chance at escape but I try anyway. There's an alleyway behind the little rundown shop two blocks away, so I head there because from there the route to my house is faster. It takes me ten minutes to get there. There's an unfinished sign on the shop's door. It looks like the person who was working on it never got a chance to finish it. Its windows are filled with little knick-knacks and antique items. One specific item catches my eye I don't have time to look at it because time is precious and I have to get away.
I start to walk towards the back so I can follow the backstreet that runs behind this shop. I glance behind my shoulder to make sure he isn't following me anymore. I breathe a breath of relief.
He's not there.
I take five more steps before I feel a strong hand grab onto my jacket and slam me against a wall. Immediately my heart starts pounding and sweat starts rolling off my forehead. I don't need to look at him to know who he is, instead I yell, "Let me go!" I even try to push at him but he's too strong.
He's about nine inches taller than me so I have to look up just to look into his eyes. He pushes me harder against the wall and growls into my ear, "The pendant? Give it to me. I will not let you go, until you do." I wince. His mouth is so close to my face I can feel his breath on my ear.
"I don't have it" I try to say in my calmest voice. I fail.
So much for the tough girl act.
He scoffs, "Look, I don't want to hurt you I just need the pendant. Give it to me and you can walk away from here without as much as a scratch."
"How can I give it to you when I don't have it?"
"You're lying"
That catches my attention, "What makes you so sure?"
He inhales sharply through his nose. "I can smell it on you"
I shudder at the thought, and pour all of my sarcasm into the next words I say, "Oh really? What are you, a bloodhound?"
He chuckles, "Close, but not close enough. You must have some guts insulting a very strong and powerful beta"
"HA! Second in command?" I say, "If I were a werewolf I'd be the Alpha!" I feel him tense under his death grip on my jacket.
Suddenly my shoulder fills with pain as his razor sharp nails dig into my shoulder ruining my favorite jacket. I make a mental note to myself reminding me that I will need to make sure to mail him the check later.
I watch in fright as his incisors lengthen and he snarls, "The hard way it is."


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