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Band of Missfits

Book By: shayna anne
Young adult

"If you can relate to me, I am truly sorry..."
Charlotte a.k.a Charlie was nine when her life turned upside down. Her mother never was one to really care for Charlie and her sister, Emily, but poor Charlie was nothing more than a door mat when her mother got ill. Soon after her and her close knit group of friends suffered a big blow, Stanley, Charlie's closest friend, ran away. The group slowly drifted apart until one day, five years after Stanley's disappearance, a strange new boy moves to town and pulls the group back together. Follow these eleven teens living in a small town in Texas as they learn to pull through their struggles and be happy again.

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ChaperterchaCha Ch

CHAPTER 1: The Begininng It was a hot July morning when Charlie woke to her mother's daily screamings of "Charlie your gruop of rag-tag dirty friends are here. GET YOUR ASS OUT OF BED!" Charlie had learned to sleep in her overall's and blouse so she didn't waste time in geting out of that house. She ran down the steps to see her friends smileing faces and silly Stanley fighting with her mom again. "Don't use that tone with me. i am an aduld litt- oh. Your up, finally" Charlie's mother said as she came to the door. "Yes mother dearest I am FINALLY up," Charlie said as she walked out the door to meet her friends. "I see that," her mother snapped," Stay out for a long time i have a doctors appointment and your father's working a long shift so niether of will be home." "He's working late again!" Charlie cried in spite of Olive's pleads to leave. "Your father needs to support this family for once. We do eveything for you we need some respect and tolerence. I already said pressious Emily was coming with me so you dont need to watch her. you should be thankful." "You never told I didn't have to watch Emily..." Chalie said slowly and motioned for friends to start walking, "but I am really thankful. I'm sorry, I wont come back until it's to dark to see. Ok Mom?" "Ok,ok. Get off me. And be more girly, like Emily!" Charlie's mom called as Charlie ran off the porch step to catch up with her friends. Charlie Stan was the only one who had waited up for her and she was happy. The group of kids that went out early that morning slowly got fewer and fewer in number. May and Penney went back to Penny's house and Luis, Jaxson, Kari and AJ all had to be in before the street lights. Soon the only ones left were Olive, the twins that were always up to no good, Carter and Cooper, and of course, Charlie and Stanley. The twins slunk away around nine and soon even Olive had to leave.
Stan and Charlie walked Olive back to her house so she wouldn't have to be alone in the dark, "thanks you guys," Olive said, "I should probably go, I put it off long enough and I'm late enough already. I just hate going home. When it gets dark my mom always threatens to… never mind. I just don't like to be there."
"Me neither O." sighed Stan, as him and Charlie watched her run up the walkway to the door.
"So… you wanna go to the swimming hole now?" Charlie asked turning around in little circle and staring up at the clear summer's night sky, "we watch the stars in our special spot and catch lightning bugs. Woops" all of a sudden Charlie got dizzy from her twirling and fell into Stanley, when they got up she noticed a little purple patch on the back of his neck, "Stanley, what's that?"
"What's what?" he said turning to look into the woods behind them, "I don't see anything Char."
"Not in the woods your neck, see look, right here," Charlie moved toward Stan and pulled up his hair to try and show him.
"Charlie I can't see the back of my neck!"
"Stan you know what I'm pointing to. It's a bruise. What happened?" Charlie commanded pulling the little Stan's right arm so he couldn't escape.
"OK, ok" he said at last, "my dad and I had another disagreement and I made him mad. I was my fault"
"Stan…" Charlie said letting go of him, a tear in her eye, "you can't let him do that"
"It was my fault really. Let's go to the swimming hole now, Ok?"
Charlie knew it wasn't a question so she followed her best friend up the path to the swimming hole, and followed still until they reached their special spot overlooking the water and beach where everyone swam. They lay down and silently watched the stars until they had to go home.
When Charlie walked in she was greeted by an unusual sight. Her mother was sitting on the couch with her sister sitting beside patting her hand in comfort. "Mom what happened?" Charlie gasped almost inaudibly, because when her mom looked up she saw her makeup was smeared down her face like she had been crying.
"Now, Charlie. It's nothing really. Just a little cancer" her mom said softly starting to cry again.
"Cancer! Mom what kind?" Charlie said taking a seat the opposite side of her mother, "Will it kill you?" As much as Charlie's mom mistreated her, she loved her and couldn't stand for her to die.
"No, it's just breast cancer. Stop making a deal out of this. You're such a drama queen unlike nice little Emily here. Why can't you just be like her?" Charlie's mom yelled crying harder now, "just go to bed and be considerate next time"
Charlie ran up to her room as fast as she and made a pact to herself to try to be better so maybe her mom would like her. She changed into a new pair of overalls and climbed into bed, hearing her dad finally come home too late another night in a row.
Charlie's dad didn't take the news well. He worked later and when he was home you could always find him at the bottom of a bottle. He became too depressed to talk or do anything for the children. Charlie continued to stay out late while her mom was at treatment with Emily. Three weeks passed like that Charlie could deal with this new life because she knew it would end eventually. Then her birthday came.
"Mom, is dad going to be here for my birthday dinner?" Charlie asked.
"Well he already said he would be. Ten's a big birthday. Are you excited?" her mom replied
Of course Charlie was excited. Not for her birthday dinner or presents, but to actually see and talk to her dad for the first time in three weeks. Little did she know that her dad wouldn't be there for dinner, or dessert. She didn't know she would stay up all night waiting for him and she especially didn't know that the next morning she would open the door and instead of her father a police officer would be there, looking for her mom.
Charlie sat on the parlor floor and listened.
"I'm sorry to inform you but your husband…. The river…. Trying to flee" Charlie heard the police officer say but most of it was cut off due to she was in the other room.
"NO! He can't be" her mother said.
"I'm sorry. All he left was this letter." Then she heard the front door close and watched as the police officer drove away.
A sudden scream was heard in the hallway and Charlie got up to go see her mother when she burst into the room and through =the letter in her lap.
"THIS IS YOUR FAULT!" Her mother screamed, "ALL. YOUR.FAULT!" and then she ran out of the room.
Charlie slowly read the letter and became more and more numb as she read. It said
To my Maureen,
I am running away. Not from you but from everything. I couldn't take the stress and pressure of this life anymore. You know I would go to the ends of the Earth for you but I can't take care of you and the kids. I love them but I know I can't be a sufficient parent. You read this saying "I know the first time it was a mistake but we had another!" And I am sorry. If you're reading this then I had the courage to send. Don't try to track it; I'll be gone by the time it gets to you.
Yours Forever,
At the bottom another note was attached:
Steven Joseph Malar:
Age: 45
Deceased: Had drowned while trying to cross Meadow River near county line.
Charlie looked up at the room around her. She looked at the Rose patterned wall paper that her dad put up when she was 5. She noticed a little snag in it and whispered to herself "hey dad I found another mistake made by you." She got up off the old wooden floor and took hold of the snare ripping the wallpaper all the way down the wall.
3 years later
It was eleven p.m. and the wind was blowing something fierce. Charlie waited at her dirty bedroom window. It was her 13th birthday and that meant her mom didn't acknowledge her. She did, however, get to spend the day with Stan. It was relief for both of them to stay out late and avoid their parents. Today especially was bad for Stan. He had bruises all over his arms and legs and a cut across his right cheek.
Charlie slowly moved away from the window where the sky was flashing with lighting and the wind howled. Suddenly she heard a thump, then another. She got back up and creaked across the floor. She squinted and faintly saw Stanley standing outside with his hair flapping around his face and waving like crazy.
Charlie unbolted the front door and quietly went outside, careful not to wake her mother. She stepped outsid and cool wind whipped hair around. She gracefully ran from the porch to the only tree in her yard. Stan was standing under it.

Charlie slowly moved away from the window where the sky was flashing with lighting and the wind howled. Suddenly she heard a thump, then another. She got back up and creaked across the floor. She squinted and faintly saw Stanley standing outside with his hair flapping around his face and waving like crazy.

Charlie unbolted the front door and quietly went outside, careful not to wake her mother.

"You know it's not smart to stand under trees during a lightning storm. It's not evening raining." Charlie said to Stan.

"Ya, but you know very well this tree is special and won't get struck." Stan said. He was bleeding badly from a gash across his forehead and another one across his arm.

"What'd you want Stan?" Charlie snapped.

"I'm - "just then a clap of thunder rolled through and Charlie couldn't hear what he said.


"IM RUNNING AWAY" Stan yelled over the noise, "I want you to come with"

"You know I can't. Emily wouldn't be able to survive with just my mom, and my mom! I need to take of her she can barely function."

"Charlie your mom worships Emily!" Stanly shouted, "And she treats you like a door mat. no she treats you worse, she treated you like a door mat before.Come with me, I need you."

"STANLEY! NO!" Charlie said louder than she intended, "I need you here."

"I can't stay." Stanley said without emotion, "Promise not to tell anyone I was here."

"Please don't leave me Stan"

"Do you promise not to tell anyone I was here?" Stan repeated.

"I promise" Charlie whispered, then watched as Stan, her best friend, turned and walked away towards the woods, walked away from his life, walked away from her. she was broken.


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