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I turned to flee but someone grabbed my arm, I couldn’t scream cause a hand was covering my mouth. I was dragged kicking and struggling back to the car

A teenage girl is captured and forsed o be a slave,her world is turned upside down.

Submitted:Jun 4, 2008    Reads: 3,592    Comments: 16    Likes: 5   

Chapter 1

Ok, I'll make this beginning quick. I woke up that morning in a good mood, I looked great, felt great and my outfit was stunning. My reflection was that of a tall good looking 16 year old, with a short blond pixie cut hairstyle. Green eyes, a blue top and jeans, topped off with black high boots , I looked fabulous. I lived in a dormitory at a boarding school, my parents died a few years back so I spent all of my time there.

I was walking down the street , on my way to the mall. I saw a car stop near me, but thought nothing of it, until a passenger got out and headed at a run, straight at me. I turned to flee but someone grabbed my arm, I couldn't scream cause a hand was covering my mouth. I was dragged kicking and struggling back to the car. ' Little witch wont stop struggling' I head a voice say

' Get the restraints, I cant…I'm driving and all that.' Another answered.

I was pressed against the window , I felt the cold touch of metal against my wrists and heard the click of handcuffs. The hand on my mouth was removed, but replaced with thick tape, my feet were also bound harshly and I was thrown to the car floor. I continued to struggle until I fell asleep from shear exhaustion. When I woke up, I was laying on a soft bed. I saw a lady standing there out of the corner of my eye. ' Sit up' She commanded. I slid myself off to the brink of the bed in order to sit up. I relized that my feet were no longer tied. The woman un-cuffed my hands and instructed me to change into a set outfit. Before I could run she had a firm grip on me and

was steering me towards a bathroom. 'Your clothes are in there' she stated. ' Chang into them immediately or I will get Boring to do it for you, do you understand?" I nodded meekly, my mouth still being gagged. " Oh, and one more thing. If you remove that tape before I say so, there will be trouble, you might not know the rules yet but I wont go easy on you!' I stepped into the bathroom and closed the door. On the counter was a pair of high shorts, a plain tee shirt and no shoes. An impatient rap came from the door and I hastened to change. I opened the door wearily and found myself being pulled out roughly. 'You have a master now' the lady spoke in a brisk voice, ' you are to obey any of the family at all times, understand?" I nodded. " Put your hands behind your back' she instructed. She was the kind of person whom you just have to listen to, so I did as I was told. I felt the handcuffs click on my wrists for the seconded time. ' Follow me' she was holding my arm firmly. We walked down the vast halls, I couldn't get out of her grip.


Chapter 2


'This is the main lounge, if you do not do exactly as you are asked, you will regret it, the master dose not have a good temper…'

The woman led me through the door and into the lounge room.

There was a chair facing a roaring fireplace, I could see the silo wet of a large man sitting in it. The woman led me round to the other side of the chair and shoved me so that I fell on my knees. ' You can go Mary' the man said, ' you are no longer needed'

Once She had gone, the master turned to look at me. He pulled off the tape, causing me to whimper in pain ' what is your name?"

'Melony' I answered meekly.

" Your name is now Sahara, your name is to royal to befit any slave of mine. I need no other information from you now.' He instructed me to sit with my knees to my chest, so that he could tie me appropriately. I did as I was told, shaking with fear. Master bound my feet with a leather strap; I was surprised at how secure one little strap could be. I then felt him clip a thick, lock tight collar over my neck; he attached a lead onto it. My hands were still securely bound ,I heard him ring a large sounding bell and moments later someone came bustling in. 'Take her to Jonathan's room' master instructed airily. I felt myself being lifted like a bundle and carried for what seemed like forever till she set me down in a dimly lit room on the floor. Mary seemed to be a very strong woman. ' Master John!' I heard Mary call out ' Your father has gotten you a slave, you told me to tell you that you cant dodge having one this time" A slave. The words echoed through my head, a loud voice and running feet interrupted my thoughts. " Tell father I say no, I will NOT have a salve, and I detest slavery!"

" If you don't she will be killed" Mary answered smoothly. I felt my heart beat faster, Killed?! I thought!

The footsteps slowed, " Fine, if that's what father wants, go! leave me in peace" Jonathan shouted. He seemed out of breath from running and anger. He was about 17, had short brown hair and gray eyes.

He turned to me, ' are you alright?' he asked in a concerned voice. Hesitantly, I nodded . He bent down and unclipped the leash , he gently untied the strap from my feet and gingerly removed the tape from my mouth. He then moved on to unlocking my handcuffs and my collar. Once I was completely free, Jonathan helped me to my feet. ' I'm sorry' he whispered, " I didn't want this' I looked up into his clear gray eyes and knew, felt, I could trust him. " I know' I whispered back.

'My father wants me to be like him. To have slaves, cheat people and just be bad…..but I cant.'

' You don't seem like a bad person' I said hesitantly. 'What is your name?' he asked. ' It's Mel- Sahara' he smiled a small smile ' your real name' 'Melony', I answered. Just then Mary bustled in ' Your father is coming up in 10 minutes, be ready.' Then she bustled out again. ' I'm sorry' said Jonathan ' I need to tie you up. Father would never allow you to be free like this. I am afraid something bad might happen to you.' It didn't seem as though I really had a choice. John ( Jonathan ) hastened to cuff my hands around a poll in his room he then put the tape back on. He put the lock collar back on, re-tied my feet and hid any other restraints. He finished just as Master walked in. ' Jonathan, so glad you have listened to me for once. A slave is a good and valuable commodity, especially in this day in age. Slaves were banned centuries ago, I played a lot of money for this one.' He laughed heartily. I could see John seething with hidden anger. ' We are leaving to go out now' Master said. Then with a firm grip on john he forced him out of the room. How long would they be? I thought. I couldn't stand like this for very long.


Chapter 3

I felt the softness of a pillow under my head. Slowly I pushed myself up, trying to remember what had happened. The last thing that I remembered was feeling really dizzy while I was tied, then blackness. I shook my head in order to "clear the cobwebs" that were in my head.

'Are you alright?' I heard a concerned voice ask

' Um…I think so' I answered slowly

' I am so sorry about last night' the voice, which I now realized was Johns, said

' It's fine' a assured him 'I don't really remember much about it anyway'

John nodded ' O.K, I don't have time to explain, we need to get go.'

'Go where?' I enquired, genuinely curious.

' To the mall, father said that we could go. Just don't run away, Father would have you hunted down and killed. I am certain' John looked down sadly. ' I hate him' he whispered quietly ' I hate him and wish him all the pain from hell! That is where he belongs, Hell!'

I felt every little bump in the road as we drove along. I was sad, scared and unset. I knew that john was a good person, that he meant no one any harm. But I didn't know if he was strong enough to over rule his father. After the morning outburst, I had very little doubt that he would at least try…but would he succeed? I didn't know.

Chapter 4.

When we got to the mall, I was nervous. I had no idea where we were and how to get home. John sensed my unease and squeezed my hand tightly. I felt much better knowing that he was on my side, that he was agonized his father's evil. We walked around for a while, just looking at shops and stuff like that. After a bit, we decided to grab a bite to eat. I discovered that we had the same taste in food so we ordered 2 KFC twisters. I ordered a fanta Grape and He ordered a Coke. All through lunch I was lost in thought and not very talkative.

' What's Up?' John asked, bringing me out of my dream like state.

'Nothing' I answered distractedly

' Come on Mel, I haven't known you very long but even I can sense when something is up' he paused thoughtfully, waiting for a reply. I sighed in a resigned manner.

' Fine' I answered, my voice quivering. It all came very suddenly. My breathing quickened, I attempted to stem the flow of word and emotions pouring out of my mouth but I couldn't. I shouted, said words that I knew hurt him, caused him pain. Things that I cant bear to write, I am too ashamed. Turning, I ran. I didn't know where, quite frankly I didn't care; I just needed to get away. I ignored the stares and whisperings as I ran. Finally, after what seemed like ages of pointless running, I slumped down, sobbing, what had I done? John wasn't to blame, but my anger, rage and hate…it just escaped, I couldn't control it. What had I done?

' Mel' someone was shaking me. For a moment I sat in the wonderful ignorance that sleep brings…until reality came crashing down on me. My eyes opened with a snap, my heart in my throat.

' Melon, what the hell is with you? What-, why- how could you…?' johns voice went from anger to pain, to sorrow and hurt.

' I didn't mean it' I said quietly. I meant it. Relief was evident in his face then confusion took its place.

' Than why-?' The look that he gave me showed that he understood. I felt my consciousness drifting. My last thought was " He is wonderful…. too wonderful…" then nothing


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