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The Remembrance

By: simonlove123

Page 1, 5 year old Rielle is not your average 5 year old. For the past 2 years, she\'s been recalling memories-of a blonde girl name Holi who was murdered at age 48, 5 years earlier. When these memories start happening, Rielle must find the courage to fight whatever has been, and what could.

Why, do I feel this way? Who am I? I am not blonde, I am brunette. What are these...memories?

That's all 5 year old Rielle could think about for the past 2 years. Every night her dreams were haunted with memories of a young woman. This young woman was awekwardly familier, as if Rielle knew her. This blonde woman was just the begining of The Remembrance.

That night, Rielle woke up sweating heavily. Her heart was pumping. She could feel it in her head. This was unusual for a little 5 year old, but she laid back down. Slowly, she shut her eyes and soon drifted off to sleep. The young girl was asleep, but....she didn't seem so. She kept twitching, and every now and then her eyes would burst open- but her eyes were a foggy grey instead of her normal bright blue.

"Rie-Rie, wake up!" Her mother's shouting, an alarm, and the smell woke up the young girl. She quickly ran and grabbed her doll, and stumbled down the stairs. The smoke intensified, wrapping it's hands around Rielle's body. Coughing, the girl fell to the floor. She crawled as quickly as she could to the door, but stopped dead in her path. The fire had reached the door. A thought arose in the 5 year old's head, the same thought that saved the blonde woman from a fire. She grabbed the dolls head, and slammed it against the window along with her whole body. She was sent flying through the 1st floor window. The glass shattering and the grey grass was the last she saw.

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