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Heated Feelings ..

Novel By: simplyamazinggg
Young adult

Gabrielle Warren is a honors student. She has an amazing boyfriend , Derek Lane and a wonderful father, Patrick Warren. She just got settled into her college dorm room and wants to spend her first day on campus with her boyfriend Derek. Everything was going perfectly until they were interrupted by Trevor Wilson. Trevor is the hot , bad boy at WSSU and he just so happens to be Gabii's new room mate.
Trevor is known for being a player on campus but as soon as he laid eyes on Gabrielle, he feels like his player days are over and that he's finally found "the one" ..

Will Trevor come in between Gabii & Derek's relationship ? Will Gabii fall for Trevor's good charms and looks? Who knows what will happen.. only one way to find out : )

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"Okay baby girl. This is the rest of your stuff" My dad said placing my last travel bag on my dorm bed. "Thanks dad" I said standing on my tipy-toes to gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Call me when you get back to the house". "Alright baby girl. Take care. ooh , I almost forgot. I put some um condoms in your silver bag over there. I put plenty of them in there for you so you shouldn't run out. but if you do it's okay because I put another two boxes in that other bag so uhh-" "Daaad . I get it! I will make sure I use protection if I'm abouttohavesex" I rambling out the last part of my sentence .. "okay dad nice seeing you. muahh see you soon. love you" I pushed my dad out the room. he can be so over-protective sometimes "alright sweetie" my dad chuckled. "see you later" After shutting the door, I walked over to my bed and threw myself onto it. I was beyond tired. I had to wake up at 5:30 this morning to finish packing up the rest of my stuff. I would have been finished last night but my Bestfriend Karen demanded to take me out one last time before I left to come to here, to Winston-Salem University. I Didn't get in the house until a little after midnight . so yeah.. I only got a little over 4 hours of sleep, Thanks to Karen's manipulating ass. Anyways now I'm here at WSSU (Winston-Salem State University) my dream college. I'm 5 hours from my hometown and I can't believe I'm thinking this but it feels GREAT to be away. I lived in Pamlico, North Carolina for the majority of my life. I moved to Pamlico when I was 3 years old. Before then I was living with my mother in new jersey. I guess its safe to say that I wasn't there long enough to catch there contagious accent. ( does that even make sense.. uhh whatever. I don't care) anyway, the reason why I moved away from my mother was because she had stage 4 breast cancer. So my dad took me into his home before things could get any worse then they already were. When I was 5 years old my mother passed away and my dad fell into a little depression.. Okay , so maybe it wasn't just a 'little' depression but thankfully, he recovered quickly. I didn't really take her death as hard as he did because, well I guess I was too young to understand. But now that I'm older I always seem to have my moments. I find myself just thinking about her sometimes. My dad used to always tell me things about her (good things of course) he told me we look just alike. Caramel colored skin, gray eyes with a touch of green on the edges and a smile that was to die for (his words not mines) He said I had his hair features though. Curly and darkbrown. well.. it used to be dark brown until I died it a dirty blonde shade. I didn't think it would fit my skin tone at first but surprisingly it looks as if it was my natural hair color. I love it! My phone started ringing snapping me out of my thoughts. I looked at the caller ID and it was my boyfriend Derek. I smiled before answering. "Hey Derek" I said smiling like a little chubby baby "Hey baby. You here yet" "Yeah, come to my dorm. I'm in room #216B" "Alright baby see you in 5" Me and Derek decided to come to WSSU together since we fell hard for one another. We've been together since junior year in high school. Of course we've had our ups and down but fortuantly the good out-weight the bad. I heard a knock on my room door and jumped off the bed excited to see Derek. I swung the door open and immediately jumped into his arms wrapping my legs around his waist. "Looks like somebody is happy to see me" Derek said grinning from ear to ear. I jumped down off of him and pulled him inside my dorm room. I took a good look at him while he started walking further in. He was exactly 6'1 . He had gorgeous sky blue eyes in the shape of an olive. finely plump lips that hid his amazing smile. and unlike me he wasnt mixed .. wait ! I never mentioned to you that I was mixed did I ? oh well I'm mixed with Hawaiian, black and white. So back to Derek He's white but not pale white. He has a tan. If I didn't already know he was white then I would have thought he was Italian or something. He could really pass as a jersey shore type of guy. With his strong muscles and built body and oh my, that chest! I could dream about him all day better yet I can picture me and him doing some wonderful things together like- oh wow I'm getting a little carried away aren't I? I shall stop now. I started giggling to myself. "what's so funny?" Derek said snapping me out of my daydream about him. "Oh, nothing. Just thinking about how lucky I am to have a boyfriend as wonderful as you" I said going over to Derek and pecking him on the lips. "Of course you were" He said wrapping his arms around my waist. We stared at each other for a minute until his gaze went to my lips. He leaned in planting small pecks on my lips then he started trailing them down my neck. I brought his face back up to my lips and started kissing him passionately. We fell onto my bed and started making out as if this was gonna be our last time seeing each other. I rolled him over so that I would be straddling him. Before continuing to kiss him I look at him seductively and started massaging his chest. I pulled off the polo shirt he was wearing and started kissing down his chest. He let out a soft moan while gripping onto my hips. I worked my way back up his chest to his neck and then back to his lips. I felt him pulling on my bottom lip asking for entrance into my mouth. but I wasn't giving in that easily. I started kissing on his neck while grinding on him. "Gabii, stop" he said trying to sound serious but it came out as a moan "Stop what?" I said smiling into his neck. "You know what- umm" he moaned again while I started speeding up my grinnding pace. I guess he got tired of me teasing him because next thing I knew, I'm being flipped over onto my back. "Now it's my turn" he said seductively He put one of his hands under my shirt caressing my breast and his other hand on my cheek while kissing me roughly. I let out a moan and lifted my legs to wrap then around his waist. I pushed myself into him wanting to feel him inside of me. He eventually pull my shirt off and threw it over his shoulder . He started nibbling on my breast as I moan into my pillow. I reached my hands down to un-buckle his jeans. As soon as I got his jeans down to his ankles, we heard someone dangling keys at the door. Both of our eyes shot up in that direction and then back to each other. I quickly threw Derek off of me and ran to get my shirt. As soon as I got my shirt off the floor the door flew open and there stood a tall average looking guy with green eyes and dirty blonde hair. He didn't notice us until he finally looked up. His eyes widened and then shocking both me and Derek his lips formed into a big kool-aid smile and he said "Got any room for one more"


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