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Book By: SMLynn
Young adult

24 year old fat, unattractive, single mum Jenny Callaghan is busy living a life that is as boring as her almost non-existent cleavage. Until she enters ‘Deadly Curves’ where a casual, sarcastic statement throws her into an unexpected '61 Minutes nonstop’ challenge that will change her life forever.

Her breathtaking journey gets her infected with Love - an incurable feeling every human being yearns for - towards HIM despite his incurable disease - which the world only whispers about.

Can Jenny survive in her unconventional relationship with the far - from - ordinary 'gorgeousness'? How will their romance survive without the passionate kissing and earth moving sex that characterizes any ‘normal’ love birds? Or will they succumb to the burning passion simmering between them at the risk of Jenny getting infected? Is Jenny’s mum ready to accept the union between her only child and Ivan?

Falling in love, entangles her in a complex, emotional and extremely confusing relationship that will leave you - as it does Jenny - with more questions than answers on the complexity of love.



Submitted:Aug 19, 2014    Reads: 31    Comments: 9    Likes: 2   


It is 7:00am on Wednesday morning.

"Mama Can I go with you for shopping today?" Gina asks looking at me sweetly.

I just love this beautiful gift from God staring adorably at me. Isn't she adorable!

"No baby. You know you have to go to school today don't you? I thought you love school?" I ask her smiling.

"I do but I love shopping more." She answers frankly while making a sad face.

Is my Gina growing up to be a shopaholic? Nooo, she is too sweet to be a shopaholic.

'Gina everything has to be done at the right time. Shopping has its own time and school has its own time. Ok?" I advise her.

"Yes Mama." Her tiny voice replies.

Gina finishes her breakfast and picks her bag pack as we head out of the door.

"Where is Grandma?" she inquires while I lock the door.

"She had to go to work very early today. She told me to wish you a lovely day." I look down at her happily.

"I wish her a good day too." She remarks innocently. Kids are just too cute!

We get into the car and drive off to her school not too far from home. I park near the schools entrance and take Gina into her classroom. `

"Be a good girl, I love you my angel." I say, as I hug her goodbye.

"Bye mama. I love you too." She replies as she enters her classroom.

I hope she has a good time in school. She is one cheerful girl who enjoys being with her friends from school. I don't think it's the school she loves, just her friends.

On returning to my car, I quickly run through my day's program in my head. I need to go do our weekly house shopping as well as buy some new school shoes for Gina. Her little feet are growing so fast her shoes can barely keep up.

I am also meeting Maggie at 3.00pm to collect my scarf that I forgot in her car, the last time we met. I am supposed to meet her at that weird gym again; 'Deadly Curves'.

I start feeling excited. Yes, I am excited about going to a gym!

This is not because of the deadly exercises involved, Oh No, it's obviously because of you know who, Mr. Lovely voice.

Jenny you are crazy. Have you looked at yourself lately? Did you also take a good look at Mr. Handsome? - Inner voice asks me laughing terribly loudly. Where did she disappear to? She only creeps up when I am trying to be happy by being negative and discouraging me.

I shake off her pessimistic voice.

I can think about anyone that I want to; it's my head and my thoughts! - I spite her.

I switch the car on and drive off to the stores to start with the shopping. I'm hoping my forgetful self-did not leave the shopping list at home. Luckily I find it in my purse, once I arrive at 'Shoppers Mall'.

The malls' parking lot is relatively full but I manage to get a free space several meters from the entrance. I am forced to walk some considerable distance in order to get inside the store. Argh! Even fate thinks I am fat!

It's 2:30pm by the time I am done with all my errands. I also managed to pass by the book store to collect a book I had reserved the last time I was there. I have always enjoyed reading educational books and romance novels, more so now that I have all the time. My last employer closed down his business due to tough economic times leaving me and my former colleagues suddenly unemployed. I am currently looking for a new job in the Advertising sector.

I arrive outside 'Deadly Curves' and realize that I have come early once again.

Well that was the idea,wasn't it? Don't pretend like it is such a coincidence! - Inner voice utters sarcastically.

She is right. I intentionally rushed my errands to give myself ample time to admire one Mister Ivan.

I sense a spring in my walk as I enter 'JAMSTEL Plaza'- It's more of a drag than a spring due to my colossal weight - but What The Hell!

The receptionist recognizes me and smiles at me.

"Welcome back." she says.

She just had to burst my happiness bubble. So she remembers me, Miss Jenny Overflow! I don't blame her though; even I find it difficult to forget the sight of my massive physique; it's too appalling!

"Thank You." I reply with a big fake smile on my face.

While standing at the gym reception, I start feeling awkward and look at myself through their large mirrors. My freshly braided hair is neatly held at the center and I have worn one of my nice flattering chiffon tops. It is not one of the best looks I have seen around, but it is as flattering as it can get, considering my folds.

I go straight to the equipment room to find Maggie lifting some weights. I wave at her and she nods her head smiling briefly to acknowledge my presence. She has such a beautiful smile for someone in a trauma room! I take my usual seat near the door and my heart starts panicking. I start feeling low and disappointed; I have come all this way for nothing. There is no sign of Ivan.

Don't be silly Jenny. Did you imagine he just sits here waiting for you to come in.? - Inner voice sneers at me.

Inwardly, my heart is sulking while on the outside I pretend to be enjoying watching Maggie lifting her weights.

The door opens and I don't bother looking up. I am slouching in my seat from the wave of utter disappointment in my heart.

"Hi Jenny?" It is Mr. Lovely voice.

I freeze. Like seriously become stone cold frozen, I can barely look up. With my blood rushing and heart beating so fast I screech something.


I must have been louder than all the machines combined. Darn my nervousness!

Ivan sits on the empty chair next to me with a surprised expression on his face.

"I did not expect to see you here again so soon, or should I say at all?" He says as a matter of fact.

Don't sound so disappointed! - I almost burst out.

I compel myself to get a grip on my blood veins, heartbeat, fingers and all other destabilized parts of my body.

"Neither did I." I answer him.

How could she resist coming to see you? She has never even talked to a man with half your perfection in her entire short life. - Inner voice shouts.

"It was not in my plans however, my friend Maggie - I look at Maggie - told me to meet her here again today." I clarify.

"Oh, that explains it."

Liar! She wanted to come back from the moment she left here. Maggie just provided her with a convenient excuse for her return - Inner voice adds rudely.

"Well, I am shocked but happy to see you here again." He says sounding like he genuinely means it. I bet he says that to everyone else to get more customers for the gym. It's called good public relations! They taught you well Mr. Lovely voice.

"Me too." I reply. More than you can begin to imagine.

A pretty lady on one of the treadmill machines signals calling on Ivan. He stands up swiftly to go attend to her.

"Excuse me please." he says and walks off.

"Go ahead." I screech again loudly.

Don't these women here see that we are busy and stop interrupting us? Are there no other instructors they can disturb? Thankfully, at least today it's not Miss. Make up. The pretty lady is also a sight to behold. I notice that she looks very tired. She must be new to this gym thing.

I hear her telling Ivan something about the machine and he presses on some buttons for it to come to a stop.

Is it just me or are they leaning towards each other a little bit too close to my liking. They are even sharing a private joke that I do not hear quite clearly.

Red jealousy alert sirens go off in my head.

What is wrong with me? Why do I care about them laughing together? It is absolutely none of my business.

"Twenty five minutes is better than nothing." pretty lady tells Ivan loudly as she heads to the bicycle looking machine. I'm guessing she means twenty five minutes of lethal pain on the treadmill.

He returns to his seat next to me. I start to shiver the moment he takes his seat. Did the temperatures in here rapidly drop? I am suspecting that it is an effect from something - no from someone -'Ivan Someone' to be precise!

"Sorry about that." He apologizes as he takes his seat.

"You have no reason to apologize. You are at your work place. I should be the one apologizing for distracting you." I counter. At least I am not screeching this time.

"Your girlfriend? She is a real hottie!" I comment.

I can't believe I just said that. Am I crazy? Has a screw moved inside my head? Now Ivan will surely think I am a weirdo.

"Oh I am so sorry again." I say blushing. "That was really out of line, i shouldn't have said that." I meekly look up to see him smiling amused by my question.

"Are you always this outright with your words?" He asks intrigued.

"It's not me. It's a crazy genie that takes over my mouth sometimes. Please forgive me!"

He grins at my response.

"No. she is just a client." he remarks.

"I only date women who can last sixty one minutes non-stop." he whispers with a sly smile.

"Of Sex?" I ask in absolute shock.

Oops! There goes the genie again.

This is quite embarrassing! My hand bag falls from my laps and I scuttle to the floor to pick it up - more so to hide under the seat! Can't I just stay down here until Maggie is through or until another client calls on him?


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