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life as it is

Book By: thecliquegirl
Young adult

jade is just a simple rich girl living the unglamerous life as a teen in high school. that is until she and her best friend chloe decide its time to go from losers to winners. but instead of them both making their dreams come true only one of them does and there friendship takes a toll. with inside look on richnees, and bitchyness, theres alot of drama to make you keep reading.

Submitted:Feb 11, 2010    Reads: 72    Comments: 0    Likes: 1   


Have you always wondered how life would like if you were somebody else. Like when you're shopping at the mall and you hope to find something that will make you look great for school but you don't and you hope the guy that you like will notice you. Well that's what I've always wished for but it never happens to me. Since I got to high school nothing has ever happened that will help me become popular until now. First of all let me introduce myself. I live in a really rich neihborhood; I have a guy who drives me to school, home and other places. My best friend Chloe and is just the same. She lives in a posh place right around the block. Anyway about me my names Jaiden but some people call me Jade for short. I have long brown hair and olive green eyes. When I was little my mom and dad would hug me real tight and tell me that they wanted me stay just like this, all cute and cuddly. But I grew up now I'm 17. I can drive, so I only use the guy( I call him that because I didn't bother to learn his name) when I don't want to drive anywhere. I know that sound stupid and you probably think I'm all that but it's the truth. To cut the story short I'm living a rich life as the loser girl in high school.



I guess I have to get of the computer my mom keeps saying that it's getting late. When it's only 12: oo in the morning and I really don't care that I have to wake up so early just to go to the school that seems like a perfect place when your all new and all and then you stay for a year and then it starts to seem not that great anymore. Just the other day I got an F in English and it wasn't my fault because I wasn't there to take notes and anyway I had a dentist appointment. So I have to make it up. I just hope that my tutor will help me out or I'm not going to have the party that I dreamed would make me popular and get me noticed. So far I need to invite as many people as I can. It's going to be great and I can't wait. Well I'm heading of to bed now



Ok, so I've woken up and it's almost time to go to school. I call my friend Chloe. The thing about her that you should know is that she's a heavy sleeper. She could sleep through anything. I wait till she picks up the phone. It takes three times till she picks up which is a world record. "Hey chloe, how's it going? Just calling to ask if you are going to come to my party. It'll be the best of the best and there are going to be the cutest guys in the world" I announce to her. "Please come, then we can get rule the party together". I pray that she does "Oh, I'm coming and I can't wait. We are going to have to get allot of things done. Like first of our hair we could die it. Then our clothes, we need new things." She tells me. I don't know what could be better her being my best friend and having a great idea or the party. All I know is that both of them are going to be great. I just hope that popularity won't stop us from being the best of friends. "Well, I've got to go. But I love the idea. Let's plan that out and don't forget the party will be great" I say.

"Bye". I hope it will turn out to be the best of the best. I start to set the clothes I'm going to wear. Which are triple ruffle dress and this amazing lace peep toe heels. I have a feeling people will be staring at me. But I really don't care because if it gets me noticed by Samantha then I know I made the right decision. I go and take a shower. When I come home I'm taking a bubble bath so I can sooth my aching body after school is over. It only takes me fifteen minutes to finish up.


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