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Book By: thecliquegirl
Young adult

this girl wants to fit in so she does what she can to. even leaving her best friend. but when she gets popular she starts to think, is being popular all that?

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Jade always wanted to have a lot of friends. She thought that being rich would get her somewhere but she thought wrong. You see she had always been popular for being rich at her old schools and now that she was a junior in high school she didn't really see the point of going to school. But she had a feeling that things were going to change and that she would have a great time and a reason to come to school. But until that time came she would have to wait or change herself somehow.

Chapter 1

Jade was in bed right now thinking about how her life could go from being popular to be a major looser. It all happened when she reached high and had switched out of the school she had been going to because her mommy and daddy had made a big investment on this house that they liked. She thought they would buy a closer home so that when high school rolled in she's have friends to talk to and hang out with but her plans expired like sour milk.

Jade turned her head to the other side so that she could stop herself from crying. Just thinking about it made jade sad. But she new she that she was starting junior year and she was planning to make it a good year then last year.

"Jade sweetheart it's time for you to get up." called her mother.

What did her mother care she's the one who ruined her life in the first place.

"Fine." Jade called back. She got of her bed and walked up to the window taking in the view of the pool and Jacuzzi. Jade this summer or last summer jade didn't go in it but her parents did.

The only time her parents were home was when there was a family emergency but there really weren't many of them unless you count the time I skipped and got caught by the principal. But that was a long time ago and that's old news.

Jade heads to the bathroom and takes her time. Not rushing because she really didn't care weather to go to school or not.

When Jade was done with her long hot shower she looked herself in the mirror. Her hair was wavy and still brown. She'd worn the new clothes her mom had bought her from "teen speak" at the mall. As jade made her way downstairs she pulled her phone out of her pockets and dialed her driver's number.

"Hello can you drop me of at school?" Jade asked her driver.

"I'm already out waiting." Her driver answered.

Jade hung up and went to the kitchen and saw that her mom was wearing on of her brand new suits for work. "Jade, do you like the outfit I bought you?" Her mom asks looking her up and down to see if what she's wearing. "Oh, you're wearing it? Well it looks nice on you"

Jade was wearing a lace tunic cami which was turquoise and Bermuda Short. They made her look stylish and in stylish at the same time.

"Thanks mom for buying them I mean." Jade replied.

When Jade had got here three weeks ago her mom had took her shopping but Jade didn't like any of the stuff. Probably But when her mom had gone shopping by herself she's found some great outfits which made her look good and were also stylish which she liked. But what she liked most were the shoes that had real diamond studs and called Buckle Flat's which were comfortable to walk in. Jade walked over to the fridge and got some apple juice. She drank it from a glass and was of to school

"Bye sweetie, see you at our usual time." Mom says as l leave.


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