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Book By: toxicangelbites
Young adult

Mistakes is about a 16-year-old girl named Ren. She is a young girl with bad grades, but is extraordinarily smart. She's gone through the worst losing her father at a young age and dealing with a careless gold-digging mother. Having her friend, math teacher and sister, she stives to make it through her own hectic life.

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I tossed and turned in my bed and wondered what that annoying buzzing sound in my ear was.
I groggily lifted my head as I gazed at my alarm clock. It was 11:00. Which meant, I was late for school. I had more than likely missed at least two periods or more which was the norm for me.
I threw my blankets to the side and got dressed. I opened my closet and wondered what I should wear today. "Hmmm, what to wear, what to wear?" Moving things around in my closet I settled on a simple black tanktop and added my favorite ripped skinny jeans, studded belt, green plaid shirt, and grabbed a handful of my gazillion bracelts and pulled them over my wrists as I did my hair. "A little teasing and I should look okay." I stared down my reflection in the mirror, "Who am I kidding? I look AMAZING!!!!" I said as I flipped my extentions.
I tossed my backpack over my should and walked downstairs to the refridgerator and grabbed a slice of cold pizza and a Monster as I walked out the door. What a nutricious breakfast! I said to myself.
I took the keys out of my backpack and opened the door to my black Mustang convertible. I sat down in the car as I tossed my backpack in the backseat. My fingers lingered on the soft leathery interior. I couldn't believe it was actually my car. All that saving REALLY payed off. I placed my fingers on the steering wheel as I revved up the engine and sped down the street to Hell.
I walked to my locker and grabbed my books for 4th period history. My history teacher hates me, so this wasn't going to end well...
I walked in smoothly as I opened the door and saw Ms. Lerman standing in front of me. Geez, this lady moves like a freaking cat!!! I bet she probably sits through class staring out the window waiting for me to come in late. Seriously lady, you need to get layed!!!!
"Excuse me, Ms. Blitz..."
I frowned, "It's Ren. Not Ms. Blitz!"
"Ms. Blitz," I rolled my eyes as she smugly grinned at me. "Would you like to rescheduale everything to your convenience? I only assume that because of how much your late."
"Actually, I would like to change a lot of things about this school having to do with the time, what we learn, and who teaches it. But I'm assuming you were asking a ritorical question." I added a fake smile as I sat next to my bestie, Quin. Ms. Lerman sat down and scribbled on a peice of paper.
The truth was I was actually REALLY smart. I didn't need to learn this stuff. I know most kids say that but I really don't. Not where I'm going. I'm going to be a singer. I know it. Everyone I've sang for thinks I have a great voice. They may not approve of the type or lyrics for my music but they like my voice in gerneral.
And there are only a few people that know this. Just me, my sister Elizabeth, Quin, and my math teacher. I know it sounds weird, but my math teacher is a really cool guy. His name is Mr. Michaels or Scott. (I call him Scott when I'm not around other students.) He gets me and understands the way I think. Plus, his class is the only class I have an A in. I like math, I'm a nerd.
Anyway, Scott knows I'm smart. He just doesn't understand why I have bad grades in all my other classes when I know it all. And I've explained it to him. I won't respect or learn from people that don't respect or want to learn from me.
Quin looked at me, "BUSTED!!!!" I looked at him confused then turned around to see Ms. Lerman handing me a slip of paper.
"Ms. Blitz, you have detention for the rest of the period. You'll have to get the assignment at the end of the day and turn it in tomarrow." I was shocked! But it quickly turned to anger which I covered with a smirk, and snatched the paper as I walked out of history class.
I sat down in the library where detention takes place. It was only me and some kid that gets in trouble on purpose so he can have extra time to read.
I strutted toward the front desk to look for the librarian, "Oh, Mr. Tucker! I need help finding a book about..." I leaned over the desk. Of course, Mr. Tucker was asleep. As I leaned farther over the desk I saw a mirror. It was just sitting there, mocking me. It obviously needed someone to look through it. I walked around the desk and found myself pulling a bow out of my backpack and placing it in my hair.
"The party's here!!!!" I walked out from the office and saw Quin standing there with his arms open. "If you can't tell, I'm waiting for a hug because of my pure awesomeness!!!" I smiled as I ran over to him and gave him a hug.
"What are you doing here?"
"I kept correcting her in class. She got fed up with me. Bitch needs to get her facts straight." He shrugged as he wailed his arms around.
"I told you, she needs to get layed!" He nodded then looked around. Silence. Complete and utter silence. Quin walked ahead of me and yelled, "Who died?"
I caught up with him and snickered, "Be quiet! Mr. Tucker might wake up!"
He smiled at me, "This place is dead." I rolled my eyes at him. "You know what we need?" I raised my eyebrows and shrugged as I looked into his mischievious blue eyes. "Music, duh!" I laughed.
He and I walked over to his backpack and pulled out his speakers and i-Pod. As I looked through his playlists I found my favorite song, "We Don't Belong" by The Black Veil Brides. I had a huge crush on the lead singer Andy Sixx. I connected the i-Pod and pressed play as I sang to the lyrics:
I stood on top of the table as I stomped my feet and flipped my hair. My head bobbed back and forth as I closed my eyes and invisioned myself singing with Andy.
I had my own microphone and I was running across the stage high fiving the fans and harmonizing, "WE DON'T BELONG!!!!"as I turned and we locked eyes.
When I opened my eyes I turned around and saw Quin staring at me. I stopped singing and asked, "What's wrong?"
His eyes widened and he looked down as if that moment had never happened. "Oh, uh, nothing."
"Are you okay?" I frowned at him as I hopped down from the table. The bell rang for lunch. Instead of waiting for me, Quin rushed out of the library and into the chaotic hall. Disappearing before my very eyes.
I stood by my car waiting for Quin so we could buy our lunch. Although, from current events, I was sure he wasn't coming. After about five minuets I gave up and headed toward the local Starbucks to quench my caffiene craving.
"Uh, I'll take a mocha cookie crumble frappacino with two extra pumps of the mocha syrup, extra cookie crumbles and a Cinnobon cinnomon roll. Actually can you double that order?" The woman smiled at me as she turned and began my order. I knew that even if Quin wasn't here now he'd be in need of a delicious cinnomon roll and some caffiene.
I sat down at a nearby booth while my fingers lingered on an ad in a newpaper that was left behind. The ad read, "Singers and Songwriters Unite! Perform in front of Ke$ha, Pat Monahan, and Adam Levine to try at a chance for stardom! On June 20th at 6:00 there will be auditions for a chance to get a record label with Columbian Record Co. to start your very own record!" It's only October, why and ad so early?
"Ren Alexander, your order's ready!" The woman announced at the pick-up counter . I walked over and picked up my order as I slipped some money in the tip jar. I grabbed the newpaper as I walked out of Starbucks and into my car.
As I sat down in my car I saw him. Quin. He was talking to a girl in the parking lot. He ditched me for that? They started smiling at eachother and laughing. The girl started blushing. Quin didn't like her. Did he? I've seen my sister pick up better things off the street! He wiped a hair away from her face. My ears were warm, my head hurt, and my eyes were burning. I slammed my door and hurried out of the Starbuck's parking lot. Tears drifted down my face. Their moist warmness drifting down my skin. My ears were red and my head was throbbing like I was having a hangover.
As I sped fast down the intersections, I finally reached home. I grabbed the food and walked into the house. I sat down at the couch and began to cry. "Well, well, well, who's PMSing today?" I turned my head to see my sister Elizabeth. I hadn't seen her in so long.
Lizzy used to live with us, until my mom found out she was prostituting. Then she kicked her out, I was so mad when I found out. I still keep contact with her. A while ago I gave her Mom's work scheduale and a copy of the house key. She comes around every once in a while when Mom's gone. Then she leaves, off to find another customer. I don't like what she does, but I'm not going to criticize her like Mom. She and I are too close for me to do something like that to her.
"Oh honey," she said as she sat next to me on the couch and put her arm around me, "What happened?"
"Sweetie, I don't think I'm following." She said to me with her wide green eyes and her beach blonde hair framing her light face.
"Ugh, Quin ditched me to FLIRT with some GIRL!!! HOW COULD HE DO THAT?"
"Well, honey, I know you and Quin are stuck by the hip, but some people get tired of hanging out with the same person. He may have just gotten tired faster. Why are you so mad about it anyway?"
I shrugged. I really didn't know why Quin being with another girl bothered me. I just didn't like him being with someone else. Especially not another girl.
Lizzy began feasting on Quin's cinnomon roll and frappacino. I was still too mad to stop her. "So, how are you?" I asked Lizzy, still irritated.
"Oh, me? I'm great! Buissness is booming!!!" She said as she smiled. I loved that she wasn't scared or ashamed to talk about her "job." Mom hated even bringing up anything to do with Lizzy. She doesn't like to be known as "the woman who's daughter is a local prostitute."
Then I remembered, "Oh, Lizzy, don't forget Marvin's birthday is on Thursday!"
"Ooh, what theme did he choose?"
"He decided on Monster Inc."
"I thought he was choosing between Transformers and SuperMan?"
"He was, but he found out that I didn't get to have a birthday party and mine was going to be Monster Inc. themed. So, he decided he would do that instead."
Her smile grew bigger, "He is such a great boy, it's hard to believe he's related to that bitch."
"It's hard to believe WE'RE related to that bitch!" We started laughing and soon everything went quiet. Lizzy and I stared at the blank television screen. "CRAP!" Lizzy gave me a look of shock from the sudden break of silence. "It's almost time for Scott's class!"
"You want me to drive you there?"
"No, then I'll have to take the bus home." She shrugged as I rushed out the door and got back into my Mustang.
I quietly opened Scott's door. As it opened it made a loud creak turning everyone's attention to me. "Ms. Alexander, have a seat." I blushed a little as I took a seat away from Quin. As Scott carried on with the lesson, I began to wonder, Does Quin know I'm mad? He probably doesn't. Should I make sure he knows? Hmmm...
When Scott was done instructing I was already at his desk. "And here's your work!" he said as he glanced at his computer. I get entirely diffrent work than everyone else in my class. It's a lot harder and more challenging. Which I love!
I soon started on it, "So, why were you late?" Scott was still looking at his computer.
"I bought some lunch and went home to eat it. Lizzy was there and we started talking about Marvin's birthday and other stuff." Scott knows about Lizzy and her "employment." He always tells me I should try to talk her out of it. But I never seem to remember to when I'm around her. I know that he is concerned about my sister and where she might end up, but I can't seem to contradict Scott or inform my sister.
"How is Lizzy?"
"Good, she's just a little worried about what's going to happen during Marvin's party. She and I aren't sure how Mom is going to react when she sees her."
"Ooh, DRAMA!" He said as he did "jazz-hands" by his head. Acting a little gay in that moment.
"Ya, but not the good kind."
He laughed, "Is there a good kind?"
"Hmm, you watch Jersey Shore?" He shook his head,"Well, guess not."


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