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The Tragic Tale of Emmiline Ryder

Book By: unoticedchloeeee
Young adult


Submitted:Apr 17, 2011    Reads: 61    Comments: 12    Likes: 10   

I am just an ordinary girl, lifeless eyes and lifeless body. Red like roses red like love. Blood stained face and cold dead hands, i watch them laughand frolic about, daddy dosent remember me, i am just a distant memory a faded photograph, unloved forgotten. I am just an ordinary girl i eat i sleep i play. Even though they cannot see me, i am here a weakend firgure of hatred and depair.Lilly dazes about mindlessly eyes alive and bright butmy eyes are dead, cold, grey. Her smile full of undying happiness her tinkery laugh sends icy shivers down my spine. Oh how i envy her, why was it me that had to suffer this evilimmurse, why was it even at all me ?. Daddy said he loved me, but shedid it,she stopped my heart from beating, stopped my chest from taking lifefull breathes. Her life her laugh her smile its mine, all me and now she has all that her hearts contentto desire. Mine simply gone, snatched away by her jelously,her hatred for myvery existance.

" Lilly i love you very much !" he laughs and bear huggs her lovingly.

" i love you toodaddy " she giggles and grins at me head lolling tothe side.Did you hear that Emmiline he loves mee, he loves me, he loves me.

Her voice echoedthroughout my head, creating salty tears inmy eyes. She hates me, she hates me, she hates me. And she really does, her fingerprints still linger around my neck, purple red marks thattorment my pale porclain skin, her darkebony hair fluttered in the warm summer breeze, her piercing green cat like eyeswatch me from a short distance, following therhymitic movement of my body. " emmiline why so sad ???" shehissed in my ear her warm breath seemed icy cold and left me reeeling for warmth, i dread when the clock ticks midnight, then her true being appears and my body becomes bruised. Every night the inky blackness of sky dottedwith lonley stars seems to be my only comfot " mummy why did you go ?, please mummy letme come to heaven with you !"i cry in pain, a fresh stream of tears,sting my broken eyes. Lilly slithers out fromthe shadows and gently pushes her hand in my blondecurly hair " aww emmy sadlittle baby " " wants mummy now does she ?" her laugh stabs me in my side. "well mummy is gone i took care of that bitch !"she screamed silently by my face,she closes the door and then it starts. bones break and blood spills soon i will be no more, i slip away into lenghy darkness and wish that i do not awake from my tortured slumber.

Chapter two

Emmiline awoke to find herself broken, in a heap on the floor. Her night gown torn to shreads, and hair strands in lumps in her hands. Lilly was no where to be seen, emmilines pulse slowly raised and she took up the courage to creep down the narrow hallway. She teeterd down the stairs carfully placing her feet on the marble steps trying not to attract attention. She heard a footstepps echoing throughtout the kitchen making there way towards her, her heart skipped a beat, she held her breath and squeezed her eyes firmly shut, stinging with the strenght of her eyelids. She could here them getting louder and louder, closer and closer, moving to the sound of a beating drum. " Miss Emmiline what awakens you so early my child ?" came a comforting warm voice. Mrs Watkins our house keeper gave me a smile that seemed to brighten up the whole situation, she made me feel, well...loved. " now off to bed with youi shall bring up a plate of cookies and a glass of hot milk" her kindess was the only thing that made the pain alot easier. I causoilsy turned back up to my chamber and lay silently upon my bed and try to ease myself into a soft slumber but my body was the only thing keeping me awake.It hurts so very much the pain seems to bleedfrom within me, not just from my slashed red skin. I wonder about the realityof it all does she hate my so much that she has an enjoyment of my heartache and pain. Why does god leave me here to endure all this sicken torture, why ?, why ?, why?, i cry to myself. Mummy said she loved me but lilly grew jelous of our strong bond, she hated our mother so very much, despised the love that was wasted on me, her hatred for me was nothing to that of my mothers. She said that mummy would soon be begging for the chance to love lilly, and so that shedid. She did indeed beg, beg for her life, her breath and heartbeat. Lilly eyes grew maddened by hate and she took what shewanted all along. Not the love of mummy but her soul. " lilly what are you doing up in the middleof the night ?"mummy smiled, facae aglow by the burning fire. " mummy do youlove me ?" lilly asked, with blank expression. " yes lilly i love you so "she said fatiuged most lightley. " do you loveme more than emmy ?"lilly asked with eyes buring bright. " lilly i love you both the same" "you both are mydarlings" mummy smiled. But lilly knew she was lying, her mouth parted with lies and nothing more. " i know youdon'tlove me mummy" " liar, liar, liar !!!!" she screamed,the poor child looked like somthing possesed. "Lilly what on earth hasgotten into you ?" her mother looked concrend for her daughters wll being. " mummy lies to face, she love emmy more than me, bye bye mummy, slep tight, no more lies to your little girl"she grwoled in a sing song voice. Her green eyes ablaze with pure madness. "tell me you love me mummy, tell me that you love me " she sang moving closer, her mother now completly terrified, frozen in fear, could do nothing more than wait for what she knew what come. Lilly lunged forward towards her mother, laughing with complete insanity. A sharp object appered in lilly hands shining cleanly within glancing distance of mother. She plunged the knife into her mothers chest , sending lilly into a blood hungerd frenzy.She screamed in complete pleasure whislt her mother screamed in deafing agony. She continued up with forcefull movements swift like an eagle, her mother now lay limp and lifeless blood soaked hair, drowning her mouth with sickening crimson love. Shadows of evil lurk within thebloody four walls lilly seemed content with the company of her own madness. She heard the clock strike two and slipped out of the dead womans lap, smiling murderously to herself,her eyes widened with euphoria.She closed the darkend room door and took in the moment of glory. She shed a tear of insanity and lolled head to side,remebering the echoed shrills of pain. . Emmilne watched fromthe stairs, frozen in fear, her body completly motionless. Lilly face and small dainty hands covered in her motherssacrifce. " do you loveme now mummy ?"


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