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The Great Moon !!

Book By: victoriadudley102
Young adult

It's about a Girl who parents died from cancer and had to move to New York city where her Aunt Sally lives. When she went to school the first day everyone kinda liked her for who she was . The boys fell in love and she was welcomed to the poplar crowed intell the girl had sex with her friends boyfriend.

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What's it about!!
One day in a dark room there lived a girl name Sarah spears who gets picked on in school and when she gets home all because of her last name. Sarah hates her last name and her age which is 14 right now soon is her birthday.She was born in New York where her mother lives now, her birthday is November 9, 1995. Sarah looks a lot like her mother but she doesn't care what she looks like right now because she is focused on her singing. The little kid wanted to be famous like Justin bibber but she couldn't do it with out help in the family. Young Sarah had someone to look up to because her grandpa is a country singer, but she has to pay him for singing lessons.Sarah's mother was Brittany spears of coarse but she swears not to become her when she grows up. Everybody in town knows my mother, she is all over the magazines and internet now and these days. She was tired of her mother getting sent to jail for taking her clothes off and what ever she does. Sarah still loves her mother matter what people think of her.
…...................................................................................................................................................................Chapter 1
Sarah first's day of singing class
Sarah woke up with a start when she herds her mother pounding on the door to wake her up. "Mom gives me a second okay". The young girl rushing out of her bed and putting clean clothes on and went to her merrier to check herself out. "I look good today but I have to put my long hair up". Sarah turned her head and made a funny face at herself. "Mom what did you burnt this time?"
"Nothing why?" Brittany looked at her daughter wired and went back to reading her book called Dear John. Sarah didn't know why she was reading that book she hates the movie. "You did burnt something mom because I can smell brute pancakes!!" "Okay, okay, I will go down stairs to check". Her mother wasn't happy because she didn't want to go down stairs and see her dad kissing her puppy.Brittany spears had a hard life with all her family, music life, and her dad is making fanner her just because he got more fans than she does. "Honey you were right pancakes were burning all because your grandfather brunt them." Sarah came rushing downstairs and gave her grandfather a big hug. Her grandfather had white hair, round stomach, had blue eyes, and has glasses that are olvo. "Grandpa!!"
The Grandfather name is bill and he loved his grandkid and always will but he hope she will become a singer like him but not country of course. "Hi sweaty are you ready for singing lessons?" "Yeah grandpa lets hit the road ". Sarah had long legs and she was running to the truck and jumped in her grandfather's blue truck to go to her grandfather's house for singing lessons. Her grandfathers' house is not far from hers it's like a mile down the road at least. The grandfather's house is a mansion with 7 floors and the color of the house is white with blue windows. When they got to the house there where guards that watch over the house all day long and big gates around the big house. "Wow" "yeah I know" The car pulled into the big drive way that have bricks for the drive way. "Hi your back Mr. bill!!" A woman was running down the path with brown hair, blue eyes, smooth skin, and pretty eye lashes. "Hi Mrs. Gore"! "Welcome back Mr. Bill" Mrs. Gore was so beautiful by the looks of her but she looks kind Of mad about something. " Come inside Mr. Bill and umm ms." Sarahwas going to go inside in tell grandpa told me were going to the pool today for our singing lessons . The girl was kind of mad about it but she had to get over it. Grandpa's pool was really big and clean for only one person who swims in it and there was maids all over the place wonder why.
"Sarah do you want anything before we start our singing lessons?" "No thanks grandpa".
Sarah was kind of thirsty but she didn't want the maids to go get it because she was not use to someone to serve her.Sarah had to sing all day long and no breaks at all but she was okay with it.Grandpa said I was doing awesome on my singing but need to work on my higher singing vocals.Sarah was proud of herself, Sarah misses her father who died when she was just a child and her father was her grandfather's child. "Grandpa"! "What sweets?" "Do you ever miss your son?" "Yes of course I do but it's hard think of him because it always makes me sad to think about my sweet handsome son who died from cancer. Sarah you always remind me of my son because you look like him but your eyes are always your mothers eyes beautiful green eyes that look like leafs in the fall." "I love you grandpa forever you will be in my heart." "I am going to sign you up for the next top singing show so you can try to win and become a singer." "What happens if I don't win grandpa?" Her grandpa got mad at her because she said those 7 words to him."Never say that because if you say that you will never become what you want." Sarah made a promise to herself to never say never and she told her grandpa that. "Let's get back to singing so you can win and not lose right?" "Yes"!! Later that day they went inside the mansion to watch a little t v and relax for a big day tomorrow together.Sarah can't wait for tomorrow because her grandpa is going to video tape her singing and put it on www.youtube.com to see how many views she will get. Sarah is hoping she will get like a thousand like Justin Bieber. Most people don't know that Sarah loves Justin Bieber the famous singer ever!!!"Your mother is here to pick you up and hope you practice really well for tomorrow." "I will grandpa".Sarah said her good byes and went in the car where her mother was crying and she did not look good at all. "Are you alright mom"?
"Yeah am all right" "okay so are we going home?" "Yes but first I am going to pick up some food from Aunt Sally's house"."Okay" Her Mother pulled out of the drive way and turned left and then right. We were at her Aunts house putting boxes of food in the car trunk when Sarah herds a hissing noise right behind her. So Sarah looked down and there was her aunt's grumpy cat waiting for some food like always. "No, No, cat go away shoot". The cat hissed and looked mad and so Sarah gave in and gave him a Pisces of a cookie that she think is old."Your welcome cat now shoots".Sarah's mother got back in the car and Sarah also did. "Is it time to go home yet?" "Yes!" Sarah had to go home to practice for her singing class also the big YouTube show.
When Sarah got home she went straight to her room and started working really hard on her singing and her dances.


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