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infromational about someone, someone interesting

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It was almost midnight and I was walking home from the cemetery. When I seen something in the background. I took a step closer and I looked it was a dark figure. So I started into a run but it was too late! I just stood there in shock as the girl moved closer and closer. But i just stood there i was just too scared to move. I said, "Why are you doing this? "She didn't say anything she just intently stared at me. She moved from place to place without saying anything. My eyes moved wherever she moved when she came closer and could feel her breathing down my neck. I just stood there like an idiot while my fear was standing right in front of me. I could see the hunger in her eyes like a hungry wolf fixing to tear a person into pieces. I knew she was going to kill me, But before she could slide her enlarging fangs into my neck the sun rose, and she was gone into the darkness that the sun had not yet touched with it long hot fingers. She would be back for me and we both knew it. She thought it was easy, But it wasn't. I woke up that night in a sweat, my aunt was beside me she said to me, "You were screaming and I didn't know if I should wake you." After the accident last year. My mom and dad got killed in a car accident ever since then my aunt Kelly has taken care of me. My dad was a vampire and my mom was human. I am half human and half vampire.

Chapter 1

The boy

my name is Percy Tod I am 13 and in the eighth grade I live with my aunt Kelly and I have a best friend named joss.

I woke up late that night from the same nightmare i always have my bed was soaked in sweat i must have been screaming because my aunt was on my bedside she was always there when i needed her ever since my mom and dad died in that horrible car wreck I didn't know until it was too late. if you thought that i was just your average teenager you were wrong I am not normal so sorry i am a half human and half vampire I am just 13 and I am not that popular i get picked on almost every day since i came to this school called stokerton middle school. I hate waking up early because i stay into the middle of the night like I said before I am not normal so it is a challenge for me always i have always have been this way since i was born. My mom was vampire and my dad was human. Plus what sucks is i don't know whether or not i can go into the sun i might burst into flames so I need to learn some stuff. My mom and dad died three years ago, so i have to live with my aunt her name is Kelly she is not my real aunt she is just my dad's close friend she was like my dad's sister she works at a hospital and she sneaks blood for me so i don't hurt anybody especially kill anyone oh i almost forgot my best friend his name is joss. Joss and i have been together since we were eight. Well we were in kindergarten he asked me to bite him i didn't know any better. it didn't hurt him or anything and him and I have been friends since. He has my back all the time well not all the time like when a girl looks at him he follows her i hate that. he is like my bodyguard. Whenever you are picked on everyday and your called Goth boy. YOU NEED A BODYGUARD. As I SAID BEFORE MY FRIEND joss will follow a girl to the end of the earth to kiss her and i am serious. So i like this her name is melody. But I don't know if she likes me. My friend joss he is the most crushed on guy in the whole school. I need to be careful where i stand.

Chapter 2

Nicholas Nicholas I am only in the eighth grade. Our teacher MR.craig has been gone for almost 2 months and there is alot of subs for him right now we are getting a new sub class start and this big tall man with a black suit and a purple top hat he looks pretty strange he walks up to the front of the class and he set his suitcase onto the desk cleared his throat ,and turned around he said"My name is Nicholas nichols you may call me by either one with accompany by mister." "I will be your sub today he kept his eye on me." He stopped talking and looked at the to girls that were in front of me and he rolled his eyes and they were passing notes he walked over he picked up the note and read it he closed and slapped it down on the desk and returned to the front of the class he cleared his throat and said" some of you might think that i am strange or weird and some of you might think that" he looked at melissa that was blushing brighter than ever. "some of you might think that i am inetenly hot." Everybody in the claSS BURST INTO LAUGHTER AND Melissa WAS BLUSHING EVEN BRIGHTER THAN BEFORE. MR nICHOLS CLEARED HIS THROAT AGAIN AND TURNED TO HIS BAG, PULLED OUT A STACK OF PAPERS AND STARTED HANDING THEM OUT. tHEY WERE CLASS SCHEDULES FOR THE NEXT SEMESTER. How long does this guy think he is staying...




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