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Vision of Nature 1st

By: writingurl14

Page 1, A vampyre husband, Avak, and his wife, Ava and all their problems. One of those problems happens to be one of Ava’s friends, Ian, who is hell bent on hunting her. After all he is a werewolf, its what he does. Can Ava and Avak survive? When Ian Pace, the werewolf, finds out that he isn’t a vampyre but a werewolf, he decides he needs to kill Ava for changing him, even though he was the one who made the life changing choice. But with his new found strength can the couple survive another day much less year?

Chapter One


My fangs slide back into place. Blood had stained my pearly white teeth red. My dinner was lying deathly still on the floor. Paler then I… and that was saying something. I had sucked him dry. Just like I had done too many before him. He was just a random man. I met him at the bar. I had known him lest then an hour. His name was Jacob. He was 20 years old. I turned at 21. But I am 2221 years old. I have many names but my 12 most famous names are:

  1. Queen Mary the 1st
  2. Myra Hindley
  3. Isabella of Castile
  4. Beverly Allitt
  5. Belle Gunness
  6. Mary Ann Cotton
  7. Ilse Koch
  8. Irma Grese
  9. Katherine Knight
  10. Elizabeth Bathory
  11. Lizzie Borden
  12. The Black Dahlia

But I am currently going by the name of Ava Heitz. I have an ID saying I am 21 and a mansion! I have over 12 billion dollars total in different banks. Well I was famous. Anyway I am 5’7 and Jacob was 6’1. Knowing I have all the time in the world has made me forget that you don’t… my name, my real name is Sarah. I am blond naturally but dye my short hair black. I have red eyes as do all female vampyre. But I use green contacts. I go home, full, and see Avak. His greats I with a kiss, Nickelback’s song Far Away is playing in the background. Once we are inside we head straight to bed. Here are some vampyre myths and facts:

  1. Vampyre sleep in coffins- myth
  2. Vampyre sleep during the day- who doesn’t?
  3. Sun hurts/kills vampyre- myth
  4. A wooden stake kills a vampyre- fact- so does cutting our heads off
  5. Vampyre can’t get pregnant-myth
  6. Vampyre are allergic to garlic-myth
  7. Holy water- myth

Now that you know all about vampyres… try to understand we are not evil we just want to survive. I strip down and get into my nightclothes. A black nightgown. I lie down and sleep overcomes me. My alarm clock shocks me from a deep sleep. Avak is in bed with me. I kiss him and get up and jump into the shower. After my shower I get dressed and read to go to school. My other ID says that I’m 17, thus I have to go to high school. You’re probably wondering who Avak is. He is my vampyre husband. But at school he is my brother. We both attend Carolina High, in Warm Water, SC. As soon as I’m out of the shower he gets in. I am dressed in a black mini skirt and a black tank top. I also dress in 5inch black boots. Avak gets dressed in khaki pants and a blue sweater. He is 1129, but according to his ID he is 16. He is in 10th grade to my 11th grade status. He is 6’2 with black eyes just like all male vampyre. He uses brown contacts. He also has brown hair. As soon as we get to school we go our separate ways. He goes to the group of preppy kids I go to the rebels… who are smoking one last joint before school starts.

“Hey babe.” Ben says. He is my boyfriend at school. I kiss him and can smell weed on his breath. Justen was snorting cocaine and Amy was doing heroin and I loved the blood on her needle. I wanted to suck her dry! She was O+ and that’s my favorite! How do I know she was O+? I can tell by the smell. The bell rings and I go inside with Ben, holding my hand.

“Damn babe your hand is cold.”

Of course it is… I’m dead I think. Instead I say “sorry”

“It’s ok, I like it, love you.”

“Love you too! I say, enjoying the warmth of his hand in mine. Too soon we get to my locker. He hugs me and walks off. I get my stuff and head to advisory. The announcements are about sports teams and lost shit. Basically boring as hell! Luckily I have advisory with my best friend, she, Avak, and Ian are the only ones who know my secret! Katya is also 17. She has long dirty blond hair that she almost always wears down even though it gets into her dark blue eyes. Half way through announcements she passes me a note.

Are we still on 4 robbing the blood bank l8er? ~Katya

Hell yea! ~Rachel

Awesome ~Katya

Ikr! I need the blood 2! ~Rachel

I hope everything goes ok ~Katya

Me 2! ~Rachel

The bell rings and Katya and I rush to 1st period. We go inside and sit down. Katya on my left side. Ben comes in a few seconds later and sits on my right side. Then Lindsey comes in and sits behind me. Lindsey is my other best friend but, she and ben don’t know my secret. But I still love ben and Lindsey is still one of my best friends. Ben kisses me quickly on the lips and I enjoy the warmth of his lips and the sound of the blood pulsing under his skin.

I’m a monster! I think! Remembering all the people I’ve killed. A picture of Jacob flashes through my mind. I look down at my nails, though they don’t look sharp they can cut through skin, human and vampyre, even werewolf, if I really tried. My eyes can see at night easily! Mrs. RoFink is a total attention whore! So naturally nobody pays her any attention at all! I only give her half attention, my other half goes to passing notes. Today I am passing one big note! From Katya to Lindsey to ben then back to me.  I grab some paper from my notebook and start the note.

Hey it’s Rachel

Hey it’s Katya

Hey y’all its Lindsey

Hi ppl it’s Ben.

What’s up? ~Rachel

Ugh! I hate this class! The teacher is a bitch! ~Katya

Ikr! So do me! And guess who got a boyfriend! And guess who it is… Rachel’s brother! How cool is that? ~Lindsey

I care y? ~Ben

B nice ben! Congratulate Lindsey! ~Rachel

Yea congrats! ~Katya

Thanks y’all! Ben you should care because that means you’ll b c-ing a lot more of me ~Lindsey

Oh well congrats… and I g2g I’m failing this class! ~Ben

I can help you in this class! ~Rachel

Me 2, I have an A! ~Katya

And I care y? JK, sure I’ll help you! Y’all can come over and we can have a study party! ~Lindsey

Sounds good but 4 now let me pay attention to the teacher! ~Ben

I yearn for Avak’s blood. Sweet crimson. It is forbidden to drink vampyre blood, but I do it anyway. I love it! I am the oldest and most powerful vampyre because of it. Even if someone found out no one would dare challenge me. Science (1st) passes quickly. I have pulled some strings so I have every class with Katya. Soon it’s English (2nd) and it’s just me and Katya, as soon as class starts she passes me a note.

Turn me ~ Katya

No fucking way ~Rachel

Y not? ~Katya

Because sooner or later you will regret it and heat me for changing you, trust me! ~Rachel

No I won’t! ~Katya

If you still want it on your 18 birthday ill change you ~Rachel

Fine, my birthday is 2morrow ~Katya

Oh great! ~Rachel

IKR! J ~Katya

I g2g because I’m failing this class. So I’m gonna pay attention, bye  ~Rachel

In truth I was not failing this class but I wanted out of that conversation, like fast! I ask to go to the bathroom at exactly 10am, to meet up with my other boyfriend, Ian. Ian is a 9th grader, who is beyond buff and hot as hell! He knows my secret because I changed him last month. He now lets me drink from him. He knows of Avak and Ben but not of all the men I’ve killed trying to feed. I slice the skin on his wrist with my nail and suck him dry. Vampyres can’t die so it just weakens him… he is still stronger than a human but he is much weaker than a vampyre. It will be about 2 or 3 days before he is back to full strength. We love each other but I love Avak more. Probably because I’ve known Avak longer. We do this every Monday. But today is different, I plan on giving him the just friend’s speech. But he beats me to it.

“Ava I think we are better off just friends.”

“Wow I was going to say that!”

“Really?” Ian asks


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