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Cheating with the Bad Boy

Book By: xxbeautifulsecretsxx
Young adult

Hailey was perfect. She was the quarterbacks girlfriend, the girl for everyone to turn to, with perfect grades, and flawless perfection. Until she found out that her beloved boyfriend was cheating on her, as Hailey's world smashes into a thousand pieces, she makes a decision, involving the school's bad boy Zach. Now, as she struggles to get through each day, with the accusations of cheating hanging over her head, things don't seem like they could get much worse. That is until Zach starts hanging around again, tempting her on a daily basis. What else could go wrong, right?

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Chapter 1- Before the fall

"Come on Hale," Liam tugged my hand urgently, trying to regain my attention with the childlike gesture, he started pulling me along, my legs gave in unwillingly, following him as he made his way through the crowd.

He led me to the locker rooms before leaving me alone in the hallway while he went in to change. I stood there in shock for a moment; he had dragged me all the way over here just to leave me here, because he wanted to getchanged. Great boyfriend he is.

Liam had been my boyfriend for the last eight months, we were the "it" couple of the school, everyone just expected me to be the perfect girlfriend for the school quarterback, couldn't do much without the gossip getting back to him pretty fast. He was the jealous type too.I loved him; I knew that I loved him. I just wasn't sure if I was completelyin love with him. We didn't even act like a couple a majority of the time.

I leaned back against the wall, pulling my phone out of my bag, flicking onto the messaging application, opening a new text.


May be going out with friends after the game, see u l8r 2nite xx Hailey

I sent the text without hesitation, not knowing whether or not I should expect a reply, my Dad had raised me on my own, when I was younger my mother kicked us out, for her new boyfriend, telling us that he made her happy and having us there ruined her relationship. I hadn't heard from her since.

My Dad had been a good parent, we were reasonably close, he was pretty understanding, didn't have too high expectations for me, just wanted me to be me. He liked Liam, but he had never thought we were good together. I don't know why, he, for some reason, instead of being all "My little girl shouldn't date" he was more like a mother, giving me advice and whatnot.

My phone beeped with response and I quickly looked back at the screen.

All right, see you tomorrow then xx Dad

My Dad worked random shifts, sometimes at night, sometimes at day, I didn't see him all that often, but when he was home, he was one of my best friends. As stupid as it sounds.

I didn't really have many of my own friends at school, I just sat at the popular table with Liam, not really actually making time to befriend anyone too much, most of them were pretty bitchy.

My school life sort of relied on Liam, my social status, my time, it was most of the reason I hadn't dumped him yet, I was waiting for high school to be over, or for me to make some decent friends, or to actually fall in love with him, whichever came first.

I sighed, resting my head back against the wall, waiting patiently for Liam to come out of the locker room, I could hear some yelling and cheers, before giving in to the urge and pressing my ear against the door to listen to some of the things being said.

"Hailey has no idea," I began listening in at my name, knowing I shouldn't eavesdrop, but hey, who would know? "Megan's been my on call bitch for weeks now." He laughed humorlessly at his own joke. I knew it was Liam's voice, but they couldn't be his intended words, he had to be reading a text or something. This couldn't be true.

I listened more intently now, making sure I didn't do something stupid out of miscommunication.

"You sure she doesn't know man?" A male voice that I couldn't make out questioned, he was probably one of the less popular players on the team.

"Positive." He responded, his voice full of pride.

I felt warm droplets running down my cheeks, tears. I was crying over this bastard. I rubbed my face, trying not to smear my mascara, before stepping back from the door and running out of the hallway, moving to find a seat on the crowded stands.

I found my group, and gave them a slight wave before sprinting over to sit down with them, pretending nothing had happened. I didn't want anyone to know, no one should know how stupid and naive I was, it is humiliating. All that shit about loving me, and respecting me. When the whole time he was fucking some whore behind my back.

And now, to find out that it was all some sick joke to him, a game, to see how long it took for me to find out, I was so stupid and naïve, I felt physically sick.

I shook my head slightly before trying to join in to the conversation of my friends, for the few minutes before the game started.

As the players ran onto the field to get into position Liam gave me a accusing look, obviously for leaving when I was supposed to be wait for him to get changed, but I ignored it, pretending to focus on the other players. Although, truth was, I knew nothing about football, never had, not that I could tell Liam that, he would hate me for it.

I pretending to watch the rest of the game, while letting my mind wander, regret, and ponder over things he had said. The lying bastard.

After the game, he came running out of the locker room towards the stand, his eyes meeting mine. Walking up the stairs without taking his eyes off me. I looked down at the ground, not wanting to get worked up on him.

"Hailey." He stated my name as if it were a common greeting; I looked up to meet his overly blue eyes. Eyes that had never made my heart melt, or my legs weak. He just made me feelsafe,but not lustful.

I had to break up with him, I knew that, but I couldn't, it was too humiliating to admit, I couldn't do it.

"Liam," I replied, calmly and easily.

"Why did you leave babe?" He pouted slightly, looking for sympathy.

"Got sick of waiting, "I shrugged it off as if it was nothing, not wanting to tell the truth.

"Ok," he accepted the answer without question, sitting down next to me.

"You ready to leave?" He asks, rubbing his hand on my leg slightly, moving it a little too up my thigh, making me flinch, at thought of where his hand had been.

I nodded curtly. Before standing up and starting to walk to his car, completely prepared to leave with him, just so I could go home to my Dad and cry. That is, until some of the other guys walk past looking at us knowingly, changing my emotions to ones of pure rage.

"Actually, you know what. I don't want to go with you," I fold my arms as I speak, feeling anger boiling under my skin.

"Wha-Why not?" He stuttered his response,

"I just want to go catch up with the girls, you go home, one of them will give me a ride," I responded calmly, as if reading from a script.

"Ok, I guess, see you tomorrow?" He asks the question, making himself sound incredibly stupid.

After convincing him I turn away from the car. Readying myself to walk home, clutching onto my bag for emotional support. Until I notice Zach Anderson, standing at his bike, watching me intently as I walk, immediately changing my decision to walk home. I walk up to him, trying to brush any tears from my face, as I got closer. He greeted me the second I was in hearing distance.

"What's wrong gorgeous, having a bad night?"

"You have no idea," I shake my head, and try not to let my voice crack again.

"You got a ride home?" He asks me, looking as if he is trying to figure something out.

"No," I bow my head a little and start to walk again.

"Come on," he grabbed my hand, his hand linking with mine as he pulled me after him into the view of a shiny red motorcycle.

I grin a little to myself, it was easier than I thought. I've never been on a motorbike before, but I need a little change right now. I get on the bike and look back over my shoulder, Liam standing at his car, staring me down with sad eyes.

"I don't want to go home yet though," I turn back to face Zach, not giving Liam second glance.

"Whatever you want babe," the engine comes to life with a roar as he hands me back a helmet.

We walked into a mysterious house, probably his, it was big, marble white tile taking up every inch of floor space. It was very white, some art hung on the wall of the main foyer, and it looked expensive. So did everything in this house, or what I had seen of it. My hand hadn't left his since he helped me off the bike, I held it firmly like my life depended on it. The house was dark and empty, so I was guessing that no one was home.

I followed him upstairs into a room that I was guessing was his remaining speechless. I didn't know what to say to him, but I knew what my intentions were, and he was probably thinking the exact same thing.

He shut the door behind me and let his eyes rest into mine.

"Wanna talk about it?" He offered gently.

"Nope," I answered without much feeling.

He took that as the response he needed and crashed his lips to mine, sending sparks through my body that I had never felt before, my body felt like it was on fire, but in the good sense. He pulled me closer to him, moving back slightly, centimetre by centimetre. He started kissing down the course of my neck before stepping back letting us fall onto the massive bed in the middle of the room, he sat up to pull his shirt off, showing his sculpted chest, his tattoos making me lust after him even more. I wrapped my legs around him, pulling him back down to me, forgetting everything that had happened that night.


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