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When Butterflies Go Violent

Book By: XxXCatieCatastrophy
Young adult

When mysterious "Punk Guy" (PG for short) moves to Muskoka, Ankh's own personal dullsville, she can't believe her luck. Her parents are on a dig in Cairo, he's tall and yummy... and she's working. Her brain stops, her mouth forgets how to work- open, move, sound come out? With her GBFF Jordi, BFF Lilly, and Lilly's love for ever, she quickly finds out big boobed co workers can be harsher then you think, older cousins can be dirty, and... she might not always be as right as she thinks. Is it this sarcastic girls summer of love?

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"You walk away with my heart on your sleeve!"
A Party Song (Walk of Shame)
All Time Low
"Double scoop Moose Tracks and your number, please." A middle aged, greying man, easily older then my father, said. I forced myself to smile, not cringe. I was working. I had to bite my tongue and not risk getting fired.
"Certainly," I chirped, rinsed a scooper, and filled the order. "Next," I said as I handed over the cone.
"One scoop Tiger Tail, one scoop Black Raspberry Thunder. In a waffle cone."
"Yes sir!"
"I don't want it drippy, and don't give me a Leaning Tower of Pisa, like that last one. I'm her for the ice cream, not to look down your shirt."
"Of course, sir."
"I said tiger on the bottom! What is wrong with you?"
"Sorry sir," I said and started over.
"The cones broken!"
"Sorry sir," I repeated and started yet again. When I got it the way he wanted, he left, grumbling about 'teenagers these days'.
This was how most of my work days went. Sicko, demanding, sicko, demanding, sicko. "Take a half after the next one," Jeff said as he passed by.
"Thanks," I said from in the ice cream cooler.
"Yeah, she's back there," I heard him say at the front. Fuck, I thought. My bet was another sicko.
I worked at a Cottage Country (most of the time a total Dullsville) general store. It was a sweltering day in July, and everyone wanted something to cool off with- I'd already refilled the slushy machines three times, and it was only two o'clock. Perverts wanted a peek down summery tops. If I wouldn't be risking heat stroke, I'd be in jeans and a turtleneck (with the collar up as high as possible). As it was, my choppy, multi-coloured hair was plastered to my forehead with sweat.
My mood quickly changed when I saw the guy that came around the corner. Approximately six foot two of total yummy, with Emo bangs covering one eye. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven- I pinched myself to be sure I actually hadn't.
His eyes were an impossible green, almost Neon. His lips were moving… damn, those were some nice lips. He reached out and tapped my shoulder. "Huh?" I jumped, wielding an ice cream scooper.
"I said, one small Moose Tracks, in a bowl please." He smirked. I felt like such an idiot.
"Oh, uh, sure! Coming right up," I mentally kicked myself. I sounded like such a nerd. Through the glass of the cooler, I could see his tight All Time Low tee. Hello, abs! I shrieked in my head.
"Excuse me, I asked for a small."
"Oh, uh, sorry!" I quickly put two scoops back in the container. I stuck a spoon in the bowl and passed it over. "Um, have a great day!" I brushed my hair out of my face, pulling the longer front layers into a pony tail and snapping an elastic over it. Other customers were impatiently tapping they're feet. Thank God for break. "Sophie! Your turn for ice cream!" I snickered. Served her right to get all the annoyed customers. I grabbed my lunch, dashed across the parking lot, and sat at the old picnic table. I pulled out my purple SG Slide phone. Lil, I texted my best friend Lilly urgently. SOS just made a fool of myself in front of a Scene babe!! Emerg. Need help!
I gnawed my lip while I waited for her reply. I attacked my phone when it buzzed.
Prob. Cottager. Don't sweat it.
Some best friend.
Kthxbai. Huge help. *sarcasm*
Srry, best I got @ moment. Drew iz here. He says 2 tell u 2 stop flippin'.
That was just fucking fantastic. Either her boyfriend had read it, or she'd shown it to him.
Chix b4 Dix. U suck muchos grandos.
I threw the phone to the bottom of my bag.
"Having a little trouble?" Scene guy said as he sat across from me. "Mind if I join you?"
"Yes! I mean, no, not at all," I tried to sound cool, composed… and failed.
"I'll take that as I'm okay to sit here." I just nodded so I wouldn't sound anymore idiotic then I already did.
"Oh crap. I forgot to grab a drink." I realized. "Could you, um, watch my stuff for me?"
"Nah," he grinned. "I'll go grab you one instead."
"Um…" Wait a second! Was he flirting… with me?!
"You sure say 'um' a lot," he teased.
"Not… Not normally. Usually I'm very sarcastic. Flippant, snappy." When my brain hasn't been temporarily shut down due to pure gorgeousness.
"Well, in that case, hope you're feeling better by the time I get back." He left without even asking what I wanted.
"He's not coming back," I mumbled to myself. "I've effed up too bad."
"You talk to yourself too?" I jumped.
"That was fast!"
"Long legs," he shrugged. He had that right! He was very tall. But not clumsy tall, like most tall guys my age. Just tall. Comfortable tall. Sexy tall. He handed me an Arizona iced tea. "Hope this is okay."
"Not a problem."
"I'll pay you back," I offered, not sure what else to say.
"It was barely even a dollar. Consider it… a small investment in maybe learning, say, your name?"
"I haven't told you my name yet? Damn I'm slow today!"
"No, you haven't."
"Ankh. Pronounced 'Aunk-ah'. It's weird, I know. It's-"
"The Egyptian symbol of life." He pointed to the charm on my chain link bracelet, almost lost among several purple and black skinny rubber ones, and a My Chemical Romance 'I Do Not Support Anything' one.
"…Yeah. My parents are archaeologists…They're on a dig there now." I blushed. I heard my phone buzzing from my bag.
"Aren't you going to get that?" he gestured at the bag.
"No. It's my friend. She's with her boyfriend, so it's probably some lovey thing about how sweeeeet he is and how he was just so great and rented the bestest horror movie ever." I said after a mouthful of my drink.
"Whore movie?" scene guy asked with raised eyebrows.
"Horror. Chainsaw massacres. Death. Ghosts. Horror."
"Ah… well, I'm curious."
"Hey!" I exclaimed. He reached into my bag, and took out my phone. "What do you thing you're doing?!" He typed something before checking the messages. "What are you doing?" I demanded. He raised one eyebrow. "What? Give me my phone!"
"'Is scene babe still there?'" he read.
Oh no! "Give me my phone!"
"'We are on our way. Be there in a few.'"
"Give. Me. My. Phone!"
"Ah ah ah, give me give me never gets! Don't you know your manners yet?"
"I. Don't. Care!" I reached across the table, embarrassed. "Hand it over!"
When he looked up, our lips were just inches apart. His eyes seemed even more impossible this close up. He tucked my phone into my back pocket, and I pulled away quickly. I stared intensely at the table. "I've gotta get going. Text me, kay?" with that he jogged to a red punch buggy, that (from where I was) appeared to be covered in punk band stickers.
"But I don't have your number!" I yelled.
"Sure about that?" he called back. I puzzled over this for a moment and gave up. "Catch ya later!"
"Was that him?" Lilly slid in beside me and ripped open my lunch.
"Yeah," I sighed, staring after his car as it pulled onto the highway.
"Mmm mmm!"
"Hey!" Drew pretended to be hurt.
"Sorry babe," she kissed him. I turned away before they started making out outside my place of summer employment.
"He said 'catch ya later'."
"See? You didn't totally eff up." Drew said, pausing a long kiss with Lilly.
"And he knew what my name meant!"
"Right on," he said. "So are you gonna start acting like yourself again? Quirky scene grrrl? The one that doesn't do lovesick?"
"Shut up and leave me alone, dickface!" I exclaimed.
"That's more like it," Lilly nodded.


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