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This Isn't a House...It's a Hell-Hole

Book By: XxXLoVeBuGxXx
Young adult

A girl who grew up with her "loving" family. As everything crashes down around her, she tries to live with her head held high...until a dramatic change to her makes it all different..

Submitted:Mar 31, 2010    Reads: 47    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

I sat outside of my window on the third story of our mansion. Though, the mansion, was falling apart, crumbling, and handed down from past generations. I hated the place. I hated it all. Every person who walked in and out of the door, every face that looked at me in disgust because I wasn't blonde, happy, and like the rest of my family.

"Whisper! Get down here!" My mother shrieked. I heard her voice crack through the small slit I kept open in the window.

I dug my nails deeper into my legs as my long, black hair flew into my face. "Come get me!" My whole family was afraid of going up the stairs to the third floor, that's why my brothers told me I had to live there because I was a freak. I was actually the only brave one to walk up the stairs that were indented every which way.

"I hate your mouth, now! I will! And you better watch your 13 year old ass!" She threatned.

Fear filled me. I couldn't run inside, but I couldn't stay out here. I would be screwed either which way.

"Jake! Go get Whisper!" My mother yelled for one of my brothers.

"You do it!" Jake screamed. Jake was 16 and still acted like he was 10.

I felt tears squeeze out of my eyes. I took in a deep breath and climb on the railing on the ledge. I looked down to see the dark ground. It didn't look so welcoming.

"Jake, NOW or you're going to be the next one!" Mom was getting violent...Well, more violent.

I let my toes off a little. I felt the wind dance around my head and in my hair. I smiled. The rush felt so good.

"Come on, Whisper, just come out. I won't let mom hurt you." My other brother, Kyle, who was 14, was right by my door. He was the only other brave one, the only other one that cared for me.

"Shut up, Kyle!" Jake's voice got louder and closer.

I closed my eyes, held my breath, turned around, and jumped.

"Whisper!" Kyle yelled. He was right by the railing, pressing his stomach, hard, against the rock it was made of.

I stared at him and yelled. "You can't stop me, now!" The fear for Kyle was that he was losing his only sister.

From this point, the mansion didn't look so bad, I was actually proud. It looked dark and sinister with it's dark green vines darting in and out of the crevses and peaks.

"Beautiful." I uttered.

"Get help." Kyle sobbed to Jake who was staring in amazment. He didn't move. "Now, Jake!"

"We'll be better without that freak." He managed to yell.

It felt like a dagger to the heart. That freak. Even now, that I didn't care, it still hurt to know that they didn't want me.

Kyle pushed Jake and ran into my dimmly lit room. Jake still stared, with the same, stiff, expression on his face. Still, not caring about his clinicly depressed sister. Still, just staring as if a new, shiny gift for him. He was so happy, why didn't he just smile?

"I'll pretend to miss you, Jake." I laughed.

"Freak!" Jake's last words to me...

Until they saved me.

~To be ctd.


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