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Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

Book review By: monster01trip
Young adult

To be irrevocably in love with a vampire is both fantasy and nightmare woven into a dangerously heightened reality for Bella Swan. Pulled in one direction by her intense passion for Edward Cullen, and in another for her profound connection to werewolf Jacob Black, she has endured a tumultuous year of temptation, lost and strife to reach the ultimate turning point. Her imminent choice to either join the dark but seductive world of immortals or pursue a fully human life has become the thread from which the fate of two tribes hangs.

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Breaking Dawn book review.

I've recently, about a minute ago, read this snarky review of a woman who has went to see Breaking Dawn part 1 in theaters and I was instantly disgusted by the way she mocked the movie. If you don't like something there is no need for someone to make such a big fuss over the story. Think of how some of the young new authors would feel if someone critiqued their works to that extend.

The book is divided into 3 books, the first is from Bella's point of view where she experience the loss of her best friend Jacob Black, the runaway 16 year old werewolf, and the fear of having to walk down the Cullen's staircase without tripping on the dress's train. Alice reminds Bella that Edward is waiting for her at the altar and suddenly Bella has this imense courage to go through with the wedding for Edward. As she's explained in Eclipse ''I want to tie myself to you in every human way.''

She then meets the Denali clan, and as explained by Edward ''my cousins.'' Tanya, Kate, Carmen and Eleazar. There was a missing cousin, Irina. Tanya explains that they tried to persuade Irina to join them but as Irina still holds a grudge against the wolves for killing Laurent in New Moon, she stayed away. Now this part is important, I'll tell you about it later when the time comes. Bella then dances with Jacob, he came back to see Bella at her wedding and to see her human for the last time. Bella blushes and explains that it wouldn't be her last night human because she doesn't want to spend her honeymoon writhing in pain, Jacob then snickers and makes a joke about spending her honeymoon playing checkers. She tells him that she can have a real honeymoon with her husband if she wanted to and then Jacob gets mad and Edward, Seth, Quil and Sam tow Jacob away from Edward and Bella. In the car, Bella hears a pained howl and she knows that it's Jacob and she's angry with herself for ruining the last goodbye she had with her best friend. She locks the memory in a drawer.

She tries then, extremely hard, to stay awake during their honeymoon trip and when a very secretive Edward takes her onto a boat, her curiosity overpowers the fatigue and she's wide awake with interest. Edward shows into the distance as the dark silhouette of an island rose out of the ocean and he explained that Carlisle gave thiss as a gift to Esme and named it Isle Esme. Edward also explains that it's Esme's wedding gift to them. He scoops Bella into his arms and Bella said breathlessly ''aren't you suppose to wait for the threshold?'' and Edward grinned ''It's nothing if not thorough.''

Edward goes out to take a midnight swim while Bella has a few awkward human minutes alone. She can't seem to find a swimsuit in her bags and then goes out to join Edward wrapped in a towel. She walks into the water and stops by his side and the honeymoon kicks off. Bella is very unobservant the night of and wakes up covered in bruises--bruises she doesn't know exist until Edward points them out--and feathers. ''I bit a pillow.'' Edward explains after their first argument as a married couple. Edward keeps Bella extremely busy the following days, determined not to make love to her again until she's a vampire. Bella soon begin to realize that he is doing things on purpose and starts playing with the skimpy lingerie Alice was so kind to pack for her. One night Bella has a dream and wakes up crying, naturally Edward is concerned and then Bella starts kissing him after explaining why she was crying and she decides to show him what the dream was all about.

Edward goes on a hunting trip while Bella is asleep and she wakes up drenched in sweat and starts pacing around the house opening windows. She makes herself fried chicken, after taking a few bites she realizes the chicken is off and throws it out and falls asleep on the couch. She wakes up when Edward's cool hands touched her and she's nauseated and runs to the bathroom. In her search for something to ease her stomach, she comes across her box of unopened tampons and asks Edward, who is frantic that he can't do something to help his sick wife, how many days was is since the wedding. She realizes then that she skipped her period and Edward becomes immobile as stone. Alice calls and Bella talks to her. Alice hands the phone to Carlisle and Bella explains that she think she's pregnant. Bella admits that she never wanted and never thought about having kids of her own someday and when she married Edward, she believed it was an impossibility.

Book 2 is about Jacob. He goes through mental torture sitting around waiting for the news that Edward had crushed Bella in his attempt to get some. He waits anxiously for the news that Bella is dead or missing, steadfastily believing that Edward would fail to successfully turn Bella into a vampire. He admits that he has some faith in the bloodsucker to do everything in his power to keep Bella save. He hears the news that Charlie said Bella is sick and again he thinks that she's dead. After hearing that the Cullens refused to allow Charlie to see Bella, he defies Sam's order to not kill the Cullens because it was Bella's choice from the start. Jacob then drives to the Cullen house, ready to attack and already making plans to who he would take on first and if he didn't survive it would be his own fault and thinking that the pack wouldn't avenge his death. Carlisle invites him in and Jacob tries hard to not think about the gentle doctor who treated him a while back. Bella calls his name and Jacob sees her on the couch with 'blondie' Rosalie standing as protector in front of Bella. When he sees Bella's face, he begins to think that maybe she was sick and that maybe the Cullens told Charlie the truth. That changes when Bella asks Rose to help her up and he sees her thin body with a huge balloon like stomach. The thoughts going through his head forces a very pale, dead looking Edward to ask him outside.

Edward explains to Jacob that the fetus is killing her from inside out. It's starving her and Bella won't let them touch her. Jacob scoffs and says that Bella is only human they could knock her out with drugs and get the monster out. Edward admits that he wanted to but with Rosalie behind Bella's decision to keep the fetus, it's impossible. Emmett and Esme are backing Rosalie with the decision though they don't believe that it's what's best for Bella. Edward asks Jacob to talk some sense into her, to offer that she could carry his babies instead of the monster inside her. Jacob is stunned with the request at first, second, he considers it and then thirdly, he offered it to Bella who refused.

Jacob, angrily, phases when he left the house and the images of Bella pregnant, bruised and frail, enters his mind and the pack sees it. Sam calls a meeting and orders the pack to attack the Cullens immediately because they cannot be sure what they've bred. There is no telling what the fetus might turn to be. Jacob uses common logic and realizes that if they planned to kill the thing, they'd end up killing Bella too and they would lose some of their brothers because Jacob acknowledges the fact that Edward would not stand by while they killed Bella and Sam divides the pack into groups. Whoever gets to Bella first would kill her and Jacob defies Sam's order. Sam is forced to order Jacob with every bit of authority he has and Jacob grovels underneath him. Quil and Embry pleads with him to just take the order but Jacob's pigheadedness takes control and he takes his rightful place as Alpha and runs away from the pack behind him. Seth and Leah follows and they realize that they can't her the others minds. Jacob warns the Cullens and they stand firm to protect them and Bella.

After having a snarky comment that maybe the fetus needs what every other bloodsucker wants Jacob gives the Cullens what they've been missing all along. The needs of the baby. Blood. Bella drinks the blood and soon starts feeling better with colour to her skin and she manages to keep her food down. Jacob walks in on Bella and Edward as a happy family, after Edward could hear the baby's thoughts he understood that the fetus wasn't a monster. It tried very hard to not hurt Bella. Edward gives Jacob his car keys and Jacob takes off in an Aston Martin Vanquish to search for his 'imprintee.' He never found her and then returned back to the Cullens where Edward asks Jacob premission to move around the treaty when the time came to save Bella's life. He grants it.

Bella is happy to see Jacob and tells him the names she picked out for the baby. Her cup of blood fell over and she reached to stop it, something snapped and Bella is giving birth. Jacob kickes Rosalie in the gut after she tried to kill Bella at the smell of her blood. Jacob and Edward race to save Bella and the baby. When Renesmee was out of Bella, her heart stopped beating and Edward wanted to give the baby to him. ''Throw it out the window.''

They fight to keep Bella's heart beating to let the venom spread and Jacob gives up trying. He walkes out determined to kill the monster who killed the girl he loves after deciding that Edward would suffer more if he stayed alive to live with the regret. He sees blondie with the thing in her arms and saunters forward to kill it. The moment he looks into Renesmee's eyes, a million steel cables tied him to her and he imprinted.

Book 3 is about Bella as a vampire. Edward is anxious because Bella doesn't make a sound, she doesn't move or flinch yet inwardly Bella holds onto her control even though she wishes she was dead. The flames burnt through her and three days later the conversion was done and Bella opened her eyes to a crystal clear view everything she laid her eyes on. She was afraid when she looked into the mirror Alice held for her, her eyes were crimson and her skin pale and beautiful. Edward took her on a first hunt, she smelled a human scent and sprinted for it, soon having to stop as she sensed Edward behind her. No newborn has ever held such control before. Renesmee is anxious to see her mother and Bella is shocked and angry when she learnt that Jacob imprinted on her Renesmee and launched herself toward him. Seth jumped in between them and she broke his shoulder.

Bella, tightly in control over her hunting instincts and over herself, takes Jacob and Renesmee on a hunt and Irina witnessed the vampiric child which claimed to be taboo in the law of vampires. The legend goes that the immortal children was frozen at a toddler's age and they wreaked havoc on villages with one of their tantrums. many vampires died to save immortal children but they were executed by the Volturi and became banned. Irina's decisions changed until she was set to go to the Volturi as pay back to the Cullens to not let them destroy the wolf that killed her beloved Laurent. The Volturi decides to intervene and the entire guard accompanied the royals and the women to Forks. Alice, having made the Cullens believe that she and Jasper could not get killed because of Renesmee, left Bella some clues to J. Jenks. A man Jasper dealt with to get false I.D's and passports.

The moment arrived for the Volturi to arrive at Forks and Bella and her family stands in danger to lose each other. The wolves stands firmly behind the Cullens, as Jacob's imprintee was in grave danger. Bella, having practised her extra power (shield) with one of the many witnesses the Cullens decided to get--Old aqcuaintances, friends, nomads and family--was the hero of the day by having protected her family and friends from Jane and Alec's abilities. Aro offers certain vampires to join the guard and was turned down. In the end of the confrontation, having decided that half vampire half human Renesmee wasn't a threat as there was many half vampire children out there, thanks to Alice and Jasper's research, the Volturi left the Cullens and returned to Italy.

Bella then tries out something she practiced and Edward is able to read her thoughts for a few short minutes.


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