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Night World Vol 1

Book review By: sungemini15
Young adult

i read it and liked it... you should read it today...

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Title:Night World #1
Includes Secret Vampire, Daughters of Darkness, and Spellbinder

Author: L.J. Smith

Copyright: 1996

Type of Book: Young Adult Fiction

Price: $6.74 at Wal-Mart

ISBN-13: 978-1-4169-7450-5

The Night World is a place for Vampires, Werewolves and Witches to come together and be free of the human world. But you get your Vampires, Werewolves and Witches that don't follow the laws and leave the safe place of the Night World. But once they turn against the Night World, they find themselves hiding from the Night World council. Running away from their own deaths.

Poppy a normal human teenage girl, finds out, during her summer vacation, that she has Pancreatic Cancer. Her brother Phillip has a hard time dealing with the fact and tells Poppy's best friend James, which is a Vampire to stay away from her. James opens up and tell them about the Night World which is breaking the Night World, to tell humans. He does it to help out Poppy, so that she will live. James cousin Ash finds out and tries to reveal that James has told humans of the Night World. Ash takes Poppy away telling her that it is the best thing to do, but he doesn't realize that Poppy is a very strong telepathic. Which means Poppy and Phillip are actually Witches. So in the end they are safe from the elders of the Night World.

Rowen, Kestrel and Jade are three Vampire sisters that run away from the Night World safe place, to be free. They leave to meet up with their Aunt Burdock, who is a Vampire as well, but is living in the human world. But when they meet up at their aunts they find her dead, staked. The three girls try to hide what happened to their aunt but don't notice an onlooker from the hill above. A human Mary-Lynnette see what they are doing and goes to confront them, but they are good lyers. Mary-Lynnette meets their brother Ash, but the three girls don't know that he is in town until the girls, Mary-Lynnette and Mark (Mary-Lynette's little brother), who is in love with Jade, do a blood exchange which makes them all blood family now. Mary-Lynnette and Ash are soul mates but they try and hide it from the others. Together, Ash, Mary-Lynnette, Mary and the three girls try and hind out who killed their aunt and who is trying to make the girls leave the area. They ask all over town and find one person that is the best suspect, Jeremy Lovett, who they find out to be a werewolf. Jeremy tries to kill Ash and Mary_Lynnette but Mary-Lynnette kills him first. Ash goes back to the Elders and tell them what had happened and the girl stay with Mary-Lynnette and Mark.

Two witch cousin's, Thea and Blaise, moved to Las Vegas with their Gran because no body in their families wanted them anyone. Blaise was a trouble maker and got Thea into a lot of trouble even expelled from school after school. Thea runs into a guy, Eric Ross, on her first day of school and instantly connected to him. Blaise wants to get Eric to notice her, because she was the one that all the guys noticed, and make spells and rituals to get him to notice her, but nothing works. Eric's and Thea's bond in way to strong for it to break. Eric and Thea are soul mates but with the laws of Night World a human and a witch cant be together. Thea tries to help Eric from falling into one of Blaise's spells and does a forbidden spell and unleashes a
ghost witch that was killed because she was a witch and she swore revenge on humans that killed her and her family in the sixteen hundreds. With the ghost roaming the city trying to kill humans that she thinks is killing a witch, like a guy named Kevin, Thea has to protect Eric not only from Blaise but from the witch she released. On Samhain (or Halloween as we humans know it as) the Elders from the Inner Circle gather to form a circle and call on spirits from the dead, but this time they do something different and call on the the cousins and their friends, Dani, Selene, and Vivienne to come to their circle to confront them about what was going on with all the spells and forbidden spells being used around the humans. Thea forget about Eric and has to run out of the circle and help him out, after one of the witches saw what was going on. She runs to save him from fighting with the ghost witch. Together they bind the witch back to where she came from. Thea tells her Gran about her and Eric and she comes up with a plan to save the secret of the Night World but in return looses her family and friends.


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