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Philosophy of patterns

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"Numbers are like letters; there is an endless possibility of the combinations one can make by only using a few. In total there are ten numbers, counting zero. The rest of the numbers are simply arrangements made by grouping together those original ten numbers. There are twenty-six letters in the English alphabet. Every word, whether considered a "reAl" word or not, is made up of those twenty-six letters. No matter how different, long, short, or new the word or number is, it must resort back to the basic format. It can't exist without the beginning pattern. The world applies to this rule as well. Books all begin with paper, buildings begin with cement, and life begins with breath. By understanding these patterns, we can create anything that our mind imagines. Whenever lost or confused, naively resort back to the starting pattern and by doing this, one can break down what was done wrong to fix the mistake. Skyscrapers and domes are created because we understand the configuration well enough to take it to the next level. Artists are artists because they see the art as one giant model. A drawer can look at the most complex part of a landscape and recreate it perfectly because he sees lines. He sees freeform lines, non-solid lines, diagonal lines, vertical lines, and even horizontal lines as well as any more. He watches the lines or the starting pattern, and allows his hand to transfer the lines from his vision of the mind to the waiting paper. Mathematicians seek out these patterns to document new ideas. Musicians use musical notes to invent their beat of music and regardless of the genre of music, country or electronic, they are all based by the same cords on the same musical scale. We as humans are no different. Our first pattern is breath, without breathing, we die. Take away the beginning pattern and there is nothing left and nothing to construct. By breathing, it allows our bodies to grow and develop into more multifaceted creations. That's why F.B.I. profilers are excellent at their jobs. They begin with the breathing of their target and then move their way into the pattern of human behavior that the allowance of breathing gave them. With an intelligent and gifted awareness, these patterns can expand, allocating our wildest dreams to become our most normal reality."


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