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My Opinion: Twilight

Book review By: XxalexandraxX
Young adult

Please dont be affended by this, it is just my clear veiw of twilight. please comment and tell me what you think1 :)

Submitted:May 16, 2009    Reads: 1,078    Comments: 19    Likes: 4   

My Opinion: Twilight

WARNING: Before, you the reader began to read this article on my view of Twilight, know that I had no intention of offending anyone, neither fans, nor haters of the Saga.

Twilight. What is it about Twilight that drives young fans ballistic and obsessive? Is it the story plot? Or the interesting characters? Is it the undying romance of two complete different species?
Or is it the charming, yet seductive vampire, known as Edward Cullen?
For years, vampires have been known for their irresistible charm and perfection, now-put this into a modern perspective, and you have got a hit entertainment Saga by the name of Twilight.
What makes Twilight so different then other 'Vampire Romance's? Behind every story there is the author that had fantasized it. Yes, Stephanie Meyer is a great writer, and how she describes scenarios is amazing…but what the truth behind Twilight? It's just some vampire romance…
Fans would disagree. They would say: "Twilight is the best book ever made! And it's not 'just some vampire romance'! It's so much more!"
And maybe it is…but why is it making so many teens obsessive?
Some members here on booksie (I will respect their privacy and not mention names) are so obsessed that they are actually PRETENDING to be the Cullens!
I completely understand fan-fiction, but mirroring your favorite character is absolutely over the top. I am seriously concerned with these people. And my suspicion is that it might be the same person with different accounts mimicking the full family of vampires.
By me; it absolutely overly obsessive!
Some teens are even taking the obsession to violence. Yes, violence. There have been several fans attacking girls that don't share their opinion. Girls have been beaten and stabbed, all because of this Twilight phenomenon.
I myself, like Twilight as a book, and Stephanie Meyer as an author; but this obsession MUST stop! -before it amounts to more serious things like murder.
Thanks for reading! Feel free to share your opinion with me. Please no hate! I warned you in the beginning!


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