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The Diary of Anne Frank - Dear Kitty

Book review By: xxXBeautifulMonsterXxx
Young adult

Anne Frank is quite an inspiration if you think about it. Here's my review on her Diary

Submitted:Aug 28, 2010    Reads: 753    Comments: 4    Likes: 2   

Anne Frank As most people know, Anne Frank was a young Jewish girl living in Nazi occupied Amsterdam, Holland. Anne's family were feeling the worst of the Nazi takeover and needed somewhere to stay. They were luckily given a secret annex in a work office behind the back of a bookcase where they stayed for two years. This itself, I find simply amazing. Staying inside for two years, how on earth did they manage to stay there, unnoticed? Think of all the arguments they must have had and not been allowed to shout at each other and resolve it all through simple discussions. Her family must have been very close, especially Anne and her sister Margot. I could never go two years without nearly killing her. Its hard to make jokes on such a serious matter but I bet they were like: Well, its killed by Hitler or Anne/Margot. During their stay there another family came to join them; The Van Daan's. Later on in their stay, there was romance between Anne and Peter Van Daan. I found this very upsetting because they should have been together forever but they weren't. I remember this especially well when the BBC made a series on the accounts in Anne Frank's diary. Everyone who watched this remembers Anne and Peter's kiss in the attic; it nearly made me cry. At the time of watching this I was so sad but it kind of changed my life... EXPLANATION: Not that this needs to be included in a book review but this is very important to me. At my school at the time it was only me and this other boy that really watched it. He always said "Oh did you watch it last night?" and it was kind of embarrassing. Then one day he's like "Did you see them kiss, Anne and Peter?!?!?!" and I obviously said, "Yes, it was very sad." And then the most shocking ever thing happened, "Yeah and it was like this..." and he just comes up and kisses me. It was so strange! But that was two years ago and we are still together now! It was lovely! Okay back to the book, I really loved the honesty of Anne but at sometimes I think she was a little too honest. She talks about her body going through puberty and that she didn't really know what was happening. She talks about showing things to her sister and before hiding her and her friends comparing their breasts. It was very weird. Earlier on this year, I was very sad to hear that Meip Gies who helped the Franks and Van Daan's when in hiding died at the age of 100. I was utterly distraught. Read more: http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/breaking-news/world/anne-frank-heroine-dies-aged-100-14631929.html The reason I feel so attached to Anne is because if it were 70 years later; that could have been me. I am a Jewish girl from Amsterdam though I don't live there any more I still feel strangely attached to the place. Its a sad thought. I know this really wasn't much of a review but thanks for reading. I hope Anne is resting happily in Eden (heaven). God Bless.


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