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Middle School Crush

By: Chynna

Page 1, This story that I wrote is about myself. When I started middle school my parents switched me from a Catholic school to a public school. I was very alone and scared to start this new chapter of my life, but it turned out to be one of the greatest things that has even happened. I met the love of my life and we had our beautiful son together.

Middle School Crush

I really hate being the new girl and entering a completely new world. I came from a small Catholic school that had 14 students in a class at the most, and entered a whole new world when I started middle school.  There were so many students at public school I don’t know how anyone could even tell if a student was new. When my mother asked me if I was okay with going to public school I was really excited at first I couldn’t wait, no more uniforms,  more variety in people, and for some reason it was really exciting to me that I’d have a locker.

            My first day my mom told me to dress up and look nice I was nervous, I’d never worn anything but a uniform to school and I had a huge retainer over my teeth. Looking nice was not much of an option. In the morning if you arrived before 8AM you had to sit in the gym with all the other middle school kids, the right side was 7th grade and the left side was 8th grade. Everyone was already sitting with their groups of friends up and down the gym wall so I just stood by the door waiting for them to dismiss us to our classes. I immediately felt out of place I didn’t know any of these other students and felt like I had nothing at all in common with them since I was wearing rock band tee shirts and converse and most of them were wearing Hollister or Abercrombie and Fitch. After we were dismissed from the gym to go to class I went to the bathroom and started crying, just staring at the new scenery around me, the ugly pink square pattern on the wall and the smell of play dough surrounded me. A couple of minutes later I composed myself and walked over to the mirror to fix what little make up I had learned to put on.

            I went through the first half of the day wondering through the halls, trying to figure out my locker combination, and how to beg my parents to let me go back to Catholic school where I had friends. After lunch I had gym class and of course, we had to pick our teams to play against each other in a game of basketball. I was surprised but I got picked pretty fast, by these two boys one of which I hadn’t seen yet and the other one caught my eye when I was entering the gym that morning. He was a little taller than me, he had brown short curly hair and cute little freckles on the top of his cheeks. He was wearing a band tee shirt and gym shorts and he was the most attractive boy that I have ever seen. Gym class had soon become my favorite class.

            A couple of days had passed and I started making more friends and starting to really like my new school. I sat with a group of girls in the gym when id arrive in the morning we would all try to get there at the same time so we didn’t have to sit alone. Across from us was a group of boys and in that group was the boy from my gym class. Unfortunately gym only lasted a semester but when it was over I still wanted to get to know that boy more. In the mornings I would try to “flirt” with him, which didn’t go over so well since in middle school flirting was throwing things at each other and playing pranks on each other. But he would always flirt back.

            Before I knew it our 7th grade year had ended and we had to say bye for the summer, my crush had gotten a girlfriend but I still got him to sign my yearbook! I spent the summer with my friends and talking about the boy from gym class. When our 8th grade year started we sat on the opposite side of the gym but still with our same friends across from the same group of boys, only someone was missing. My crush was gone; his friends said he moved back to Joplin with his family. I was very sad and wanted to know more, luckily my sophomore year of high school my crush came back. We now have a beautiful child together and have been together for 5years with many more ahead of us.

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