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How Do you feel to be an outsider?

By: Killertu

Page 1, My experiment as an outsider.

Have you ever been an outsider, have you ever been discriminated about your race, ask about your stereotype over and over and over again. Well if you haven’t than lucky for you because people like me have been to that horrible experiment .You don’t understand what people are saying about you, do they really like you or just make you look like a fool, asking thing that you don’t want to answer. People have suicide because of that pressure ,killing them self and other. Have you know anyone that have been an outsider, they may not want to talk about it but if people till talk about how he is, be friend with him, please so he know someone will look over him. I know people are not familiar with the world today, kid are just plain mean,they have no respect for other and why do I know that,I been there,I know I’m Asian but that doesn’t mean I know karate or Am I from China they ask, I get it all ready ,I’m Asian ,can you at least ask me before you said it. I been making fun of and humiliated, all I know is just ignore them, just stay focus with your work and you success, Martin Luther King, Jr once said “I have a dream” , well we all do but we all can’t, been an outsider make it more difficult for us to understand more about your culture that help us to know more better. We have move place to place because of the American dream of what we are trying to do. You in a different world, you have no idea of anything, not one word you understand ,what would you do, Nothing? Are you just going to stand there, well that what happen to me, but lucky for me, I have a friend also speak my language and help me through out a lot and thanks to that girl ,I be able to blend in the social today even though I’m till learning. But not all have been help like this, sometime people are just left alone, lonely, and no one even care, and so I said this again if you saw a person like that, please help him and be friend with him, let him know how it’s to be an insider.

SO ask your self, How do you feel.

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