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Savery of Holocaust

By: Kittie Welch

Page 1, This is my first little story in the 5th grade. The topic was about going in the past by a time machine. So, I thought of me going in the past and saving Anne Frank by getting taken away because of Holocaust.

                      Oh goodness! Wanna' know how this mess started?! Ever been in a time machine? Doubt it! Ever wanted to at least? If so, I wish you were there with me. Then,...we could have experienced an awfully familiar timing together.
                      "Alice, are you ready to go?! We're running out of time!" ,my mother said chasing up and around the stairs. "Almost Mom!" , I yelled, while digging nd crawling through a jet black, old trunk, searching for a few antiques I still collected. Out of the blue, I approuched a fansy golden that read 6:03. It was really 7:45. "That doesn't look right.", I thought to myself. I imediately changed the timing correctly, swooping off my knees, and picking up my boxes full of extremely heavy things, out the door. I notice my parent convencing and agreeing with the man who drives the moving truck. When your on the run to a new beginning. All of a sudden, BOOM! BOOM! The Earth started to raddle. My legs began to wobble. I collapsed on the grassy ground beneath me. VOOM! Oh no! I got sucked up in a portal! "Where'd it come from?" I thought.
                      Soon enough, I ended up slamed on the ground, out of the sky. Looks so... unfastioned. "Where am I?" I said aloud. An old man said, "Oh...Isn't that horrible, honey?" He surely seemed as upset as a wining child. Just saying. He tossed the folded up news paper in the rusty, grey trash can. I sprinted heayly to the can. Picked up the news paper, and read 'WORLD WAR II BEGGINS' in big bold letters. Like they would on a bulletin board. Oh no, oh no, oh no! What have I gotten myself into?!!
                      After a short time, I spot a very bulky, towering soldier wearing a deep green suit with dozens of burgundy stitched badges all over his shoulders He suddenly clutched onto a little young boy with a glossy, yellow star on the left side on his chest, where his warm, controling heart should be, and snatched out a...Nevermind. You don't need every detal. I noticed that I was attached to a star, too. Oh, just great. I couldn't believe that I just got myself trapped and throughen away into an ungraceful timing. I really couldn't believe what I just saw, too.
                      I romed around the over flowen markets and abandon homes, trying to cover up my star. Soon there after, I crossed over to an awefully familiar building. The sign also seemed familiar. It read 'AnneX'. Wow! Isn't that amazing?! THen, I randomly saw a young girl with drk hair, brown glistening eyes,  and a rose patterned dress that looked nearly the same as mine. "Isn't that Anne Frank?" I thought. G-G-G! A jeep magically appeared from the other side of the road. A German soldier, again, came out of the vehicle and was about to take Anne away! "Oh geez! What should I do, what should I do?!" I thought to myself. I whispered, "What did Anne ever do to you guys?" I spead up to them and yell, " Leave her alone! Take me instead!" The soldiers looked angier than an ox. The one on the right gave me a nasty stare and aid, " Okay, fein." I really didn't know what that meant. Then, the one on the left nearly caught my arm. It felt like I was about to get tackled! But, at the very lst second I started to run as fast as a cat can from a dog. Instead of a snail. THrough the woods and into the cities, I stopped and took a breath. I didn't see the soldiers. I didn't hear any weird words in some odd language. THey were gone.
                      I felt happy and relieved once they banished and saw a cute, turquoise owl clock on a little stand that sold serving utensils and, of course, clocks. I said my last good-byes in a soft whisper and changed the timing incorrect. And finally, just like the soldiers, I banished and never came back. Ever.

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