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Race to Find Faith

Essay By: NellyNel
Young adult

I wrote this essay in the memoir of those who lived broken in this world. Maybe you may not see it, but the final two paragraphs is what you, the readers themselves, wrote it. Remember yourselves how you once where and never fade away, never stop believing.

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As humans we always question, every hour, every day, and in one's mind we wait, for more than plain answers, we hope to find something to believe in. We also doubt, in ourselves, in life, religion, in God… What do all these things have in common? That they are all tied to the love, more importantly: Faith. I doubt, I will admit, but not in God, nor religion, sometimes in myself. I hope you visualize the journey I'm taking to find my faith, let these words become something more than simple information of my own Race to Find Faith.

Faith is believing, it can be in God, others and in oneself. I walk on this planet, one question pops to my head when I see the actions mentioned: 'Why do we wonder?' I'm guessing it's because some of us are afraid of finding the truth thinking it was not as expected. Most of us are afraid because someone made you hide in the fear that everything you believe in is a fake. At the teenager age of doubt and mischief we all pay consequences.

Everybody has a reason to live, and to start over. It is not Gods plan for us to ask for everything, he wants us to learn and have faith, to know that nothing is impossible. In my case I believe in it and also in the "Maybe it was meant to be". I don't question faith because of religion, nor any beliefs, I do it, because I'm waiting for it to breathe in me. It will be shown to me like this, I hope: 'I believe in you and know that you believe in me'.

"Everything has its price and we must pay for it." Faith can disappear, and indeed it's a grave consequence, when we doubt, when we change how destiny is. We are raised to believe, and have faith in God, but we don't have faith in him. Maybe it's because since we are still little, we don't know if anything is for sure, we just sit there and wait. As we keep growing, we doubt even more, some of us regain faith. The world evolves more everyday, but even if I'm regaining my faith, I never would have abandoned it.

There are so many things that we don't know about. We have come too far, to let others break our hopes, our faiths. I know that I can't save everybody, nobody can, but there's always someone out there that leads us to our runaway heart (faith) and somehow they save us, real friends, real family, and real human beings.

"How can someone break my hope?" I keep walking in this earth, noticed the hypocrisy of humans. Yes some care for others, but most of us care for only ourselves. I'm an only child, and apart from that, the friends that I have, my brothers and sisters, those people that I can depend on when my hope is lost, are always there. I believe in God, in love, in the future, and can relate with so many people that do so the same. As I kept walking I realized that faith, like so many things, is related to us.

My journey has no end. No matter how small the glass may be, sooner or later it will become, my greatest treasure, something worth living, more beautiful than a diamond and something true. Since the journey is a passageway with no ending, you can change it. I'll look forever and never find the finale, but apart from my faith, 'what else will I find?'

Faith, you are my confidence, you help carry the weight. You tell me all what we are: love. You are my hope, and now I will never let anybody break you. You are everything and more, you are me, but no matter what I can't let you go. I can make the difference; even if I am one, and make things right, when everything seems so far and out of reach. I will never stop believing in you or in myself, no matter what ill never stop believing in me.

(Dear readers, in the two final paragraphs, remember that you wrote it in stone and gravel once, all you have to do is repeat it. The world, today, begins again. Never loose hope in who you are.-Nelson)


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