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Ex-friends, best friends, and cookies

Essay By: swimFire
Young adult

I wrote this after a big fight with my friend, I kinda liked the way it turned out, so.
It's definitely not one of the best things I've written, but...Whatever.

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you know someone should be an Ex-Friend when they start believing either a complete stranger or someone they've known for a maximum of...let's see...five months, and they start believing that person over you, and only talk to you when it's convenient for them. They start fights and shit based on fiction, refuse to believe you when you tell them it's not true...whatever.

Then, there's your best friends. They're the ones that are there for you no matter what, and actually get to know people before they start believing them over you. If they're going to start fights with you, they know what they're arguing about and everything is all nonfiction. You can stalk people with them...or investigate, however you want to put it… you can make cookies (that always gets interesting), you can make fun of people (DUCK NEIGHBOR!) you go ugly sweater shopping you write stories with them you you call them mom (I have 5) you go to the mall you stay up at sleepovers until 6 am then go to starbucks you play multiple games of Life and neuter people while doing so and make lists of things you hope you never forget (mine will be over 600 as soon as I get around to updating it) you go to each others houses and sit on opposite sides of the house and it's still fun and you call their parents mom and dad and when you walk in the door at their the first thing you say is "IM HOME!!!!" their parents yell at you like they're your actual parents (but you don't actually get mad at each other). You eat food out of their fridge and no one even cares cuz you live there. You write on stuff you're probably not supposed to (the boat table lmao). You can tell your best friends about the ex-friends and they'll cry/laugh/call her a bitch right along with you. And they suffer through your parents friends with you...Even though it means they have to put up with you on the phone with you for four hours on end until 11:30 at night when your parents friends finally go home(thank you steph.). And then your best friends take you bowling even if its just because you cant bowl and they like laughing at you…but you run into Michael Phelps' lookalike (aka Bambi lmaoooo) or your best friends they stay on AIM with you facing certain death from their parents, because they're supposed to be studying, but your best friend is too busy laughing/crying/calling people names with you. And then they get grounded and it's your turn to laugh/cry/call people names with them.

And then there's cookies. I like them. Except we have like, three to four different kinds of cookies at my house right now. Well, now I have an excuse to eat cookies for breakfast because they'll all go bad otherwise. Cookies are good. They always make you feel better. Kind of like best friends.


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