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school meets technology

By: yomna ashraf

Page 1, read it to know the new way to learn at school.


Children need education, thus schools are opened.  But we have many families facing one particular problem  with their children which is; hating to go schools. That is naturally present between children because they hate to sit in front of a book for several hours.

That’s why we would like to develop a new way of transferring information to children, that they would like to do it in their free time especially when it deals with technology.

Thus we thought that using a laptop at schools would be better. As it is more easier to write and save information and also use a small, light bag to carry it. There will be no correction needed as you understand whatever the teacher says and write it on a laptop, save it and revise it at  home and remember what is said in the class.

In this way we are sharing information without problems and waste of time, also the teacher will note the lesson on her laptop and send it to all her students easily.

This also allows us to use technology in learning. Teacher can send information and communicate at home through e-mails and new communicative programs.


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