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Characters for an untitled story.

Miscellaneous By: FyresydeHerbalyst
Young adult

Morgan Kempton is the oldest daughter of a well to do family, she is as wild as she is beautiful. When caught in a scandle by Lord Marshall, she is forced to make decisions that could not only change her life, but destroy her heart.

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Name: Morgan Kempton
Age: 15
Birthplace: Wendover, England
Academic Background: Privately Tutored
Parents: Henry and Lucille Kempton
Siblings: Madison (Maddie) Kempton - 10 (Stubborn, obstinate, willful)
William (Willie) Kyne Kempton - 10 (Protective, sensitive, proper, dutiful)
Margery (Margo) Jean Kempton - 7 (Playful, proper, sneaky, fun-loving)
Friends: Gracie McCollum
Viola - Morgan's maid and confidant
Peter Tibbens - Head Cook
Lionel (Lenny) Denten - Head of Stables
Crush: Aden Kerry (Stable Hand)
Marital Status: Single
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 117lbs
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Tone: Creamy Ivory
Waist: Slender
Style of Dress: Comfortable yet conservative
Color Prefference: Blues, Lavenders, light greens, emeralds, violets, reds
Strengths: Steadfast, Pliable, Outspoken, Intelligent
Weaknesses: Loves, Strong Hearted, Lively
Dreams About?: Freedom, Choice, Solitude
Intro or extro: Extroverted when alone, Introverted in Public
Public Face: Shy, Timid, Innocent, Nieve
Shows joy how: Just a smile when in public, but more boistrous and jovial when alone
Hide Pain?: Very well as she was schooled to hide her emotions
Role: Follower by training, but a leader when she is pushed to be
General Intelligence: Very smart, was tought not only how to live by her mother but strategy by her father.
Mannerisms: Speaks well and gentle, gets more animated when she is around her friends or her maid.
How she is seen: Kind, Generous, Fun-Loving, Loving, Polite, Clean, Warm, Easy-Going, Curious, Intelligent, Honest, Loyal, Trusting, Outgoing, Patient, Respectful, Independent.
Henry is a down to earth business man who strives to do the best for his family even though he stays aloof from his children. He tries to make sure his family has things that he as a child never had.
Lucille is a loving mother and enjoys to spend time with her children and teach her girls the way a lady should act. She gets them ready to face whatever life and marriage may give them. She hired the best private tutors to be able to make sure her children could fend for themselves if they needed to.
Name: Margery (Margo) Jean Kempton
Age: 7
Birthplace: Wendover, England
Academic Bkgrd: Being schooled by tutors
Friends: Lorna Hillard
Jessica Killam
Robin Brandt
Height: 4'6"
Weight: 70lbs
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Tone: Alabaster
Style of Dress: Demure
Colors: Red, Blue, Pink, Green

William (Willie) Kyle Kempton

William is the heir to his father's estate and takes great pride in his role yet still cares for his other sibblings, including his twin sister. He is loyal, kind, caring, sweet, charming, and her understands his older sister better than any of the other children.

Madison (Maddie) Kempton

Madison is the second daughter of the Kemptons and from birth she was told that she wasn't as important or as good looking. It turned her into a bitter child that holds nothing but loathing for her sister. She strives hard to get Morgan in trouble and doesn't care who she hurts in the process.

Aden Kerry

Aden is a kind, gentle stable hand who always helps Morgan when she wants to ride. He falls in love with her and works hard to get her attentions. He finds her kind willful nature to be endearing and craves her company.
Victor Marshall
Greedy son of Lord Marshall he wants everything and it has to be the best of everything. He sets his sights on Morgan and won't settle until he has her no matter what underhanded deed he has to do.


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