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Characters for The Ties That Bind Me

By: FyresydeHerbalyst

Page 1, Imirial is an 18 year old girl living in upper class america. She has a scholarship to Harvard and her life is looking up. That is until she is kidnapped and she finds herself in Arabia being sold as a slave. Will she find a way to win her freedom or will she have no choice but to live with her new restrictions in a place most alien.

These are the characters for a new multi-part short story that Iam writing, a new spin on a story that is used a bit too often. Here is the summary and pictures of the characters.

Imirial Parker is 18, fresh out of High School and on her way to the college of her dreams, or so she thinks. She finds herself kidnapped and sold to a harsh Arabic leader named Ghassan. There she must learn her new role and learn quickly or her life will be over. Her sweet disposition gets her nowhere in the harsh kill or be killed world that she has been thrown into. Can she find a way to work to the top and pay off debts unknown, or will she her soul die in the brutal desert.


Imirial Miunet Parker





Milena & Nastia

Male Characters:

Ghassan (Boss)

Saqib (Second in Command)






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