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Ideas of mine that will not be made into stories and I'd love for someone else to take from me.

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I know how everyone says you should keep all your story ideas to yourself because you don't want plagiarism. Well, for once, I'm changing that rule and purposely giving story ideas because I simply Don't. Want. Them. I have too many other things going on and I'm just not going to get them done. So, anyways, here are the story ideas. Feel free to make changes as you see fit.

The first one is about a girl who was taught martial arts by her military father and she has this strange ability she calls 'gut feelings'. Like a littly pit in her stomach is warning her about things. A good example of that would be what Gibbs from NCIS has with his feelings only hers are more pronounced. So well detailed, in fact, that if she wanted to she could play Who Wants to be a Millionaire and just say: "Well A, B, and D don't feel right so I'll go with C". So anyways, she has these feelings and one night she is home alone emptying the dishwasher. She's over by the silverware putting the utensils away when she has a gut feeling telling her somebody is exactly behind her. Somebody dangerous who will try to kill her. Instinctively, she pulls out two knives and shoves them into her attacker without even looking behind her. However when she does look behind her nobody is there. She thinks it is odd that anyone snuck up on her so she thinks her instinct abilities are shorting out. Her attacker believes it was impossible for her to know he was there and is amazed she had the speed and strength to even so much as get near him (most likely I would have made him a supernatural creature of some sort). Chaos ensues.

Another story is actually a really ironic one. It's based from a typical high school romance story you find on any average site. Basically, the popular boy takes a bet to make the hottest girl in school fall in love with him. She just happens to be a loner that doesn't give a shit about him until she gets to know him better. From there it seems like it will be another trashy teen story, but the twist happens when we find out after weeks of him 'falling in love' with her that she is actually lesbian. Still, after realizing this, he continues to 'date' her for his friends and maybe for something else (not sure yet what). However, the plot thickens when he meets the hot girl's younger sister and falls in love with her.

A God Syndrome story. A story involving the idea that we, as both readers and writers, idolize our characters too much and end up with perfect people with only perfection. We have in our stories beautiful girls, beautiful boys, beautiful friends, and beautiful lives. We have only Gods and Goddesses, not people. This story breaks down those barriers by showing average kids: a fat kid, a girl with a lot of pimples, a boy who can sing but is very shy, and a girl who can't do anything but is very outspoken. Also in it the popular girls are the most beautiful and the loner girls are ugly. This story shows the true ways of high school and not the perfect ways we all want them to be. Most importantly in this story (it's not really a plot I'm giving you, but more of a theme) it proves that happiness and love can still happen even if we are not Gods and Goddesses.

Okay, so those are what I have right now. I may end up adding more ideas as I come across them. These are just three I really liked dreaming about but couldnt get around to actually writing them.


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