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Fairytales Character Pictures!!!

By: Happiness

Page 1, The character pictures for my novel Fairytales!!!

AUTHORS NOTE!!!!!: Okay so the wonderful pictures below this authors note are the character pictures from my novel Fairytales. Though they are not an exact replica of how I envisioned them or explained them, I think that they are all pretty close :) So I hope you enjoy and they don't destroy how you thought they all looked while reading the novel :) Oh, and just in case you want to know, I didn't put these up before I started the novel because I didn't have it finished when I first started posting it, so I didn't have all of the characters thought up :P

Here we go :)









And that is it!! I don't think you need anymore anyway... If you guys want any more though, just comment and I shall find them for you :) I might add some more later if I add characters to the story that hold any kind of significance :P PlusI know you don't know all of these characters yet, but they get introduced pretty soon :D

P.S. Here's Ivory's car!!! :P

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