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Sad Story Contest

By: Happiness

Page 1, CLOSED!!! :) This is my first ever contest so don\'t yell at me :P Everything you need to know is below!! (Ha that rhymed :P)

Sad Story Contest

Okay, so I’ve had this idea bouncing around my head for a while now and I know that this is probably the weirdest thing anyone has ever been invited to, but I figured hey, all of my stories have pretty horrible starts, middles and sometimes even endings, so I must like them or something.

The objective of this contest is to write a story, preferable a short story but even a novel if you want, and I want you to give it a sad story line. I would prefer it if it also had a sad ending, but if you decide you can’t do that, I will judge it just as fairly with a happy ending.

If it’s a short story, it must have a minimum of 2,000 words, and a maximum of 10,000 words. A novel has a minimum of 10 chapters and a maximum of 30, but preferably somewhere in the middle so somewhere around 20 chapters (Keep in mind that 20 chapters is just easiest for me, but if you want more, go for it :P)

Try to go for something original, that I’ve never written before or even read, and I’ll be blown away :P

And just because I don’t think many people will do this, just because who wants to write a sad story, if you do want to enter, you can enter a max of 5 entries. So you can have 5 short stories or 5 novels or a strange mixture of each as long as the total number of entries is 5.

There will be 3 winners, just because I'm totally original and you can be more than one winner, if I think your entries deserve it.

Also, there may be a tie, which means that if I can’t decide who on earth is better, you’ll both win!! :P

Okay, so the prizes are as follows;

3rd place -

  • A fan from me :P
  • 10 reading request thingis of any pieces of work of your choice that I will answer as soon as possible with a detailed comment (If I can, I'm not very good at long comments) and
  • I will promote you on my profile for one month.

2nd place –

  • Another fan from me,
  • 20 reading request things of any pieces of works of your choice that I will answer as soon as possible with as detailed a comment as I can and
  • I will promote you on my profile for two months and on my novel Fairytales for the next four chapters.

1st place –

  • A fan from me to you and one other person of your choice if you wish,
  • I will read every single piece of writing you have, and any other pieces of writing you have to come :P
  • Plus I will also promote you on my profile FOREVER and on Fairytales until the end (After second place of course) and on my next novel too if I don’t forget.

And remember, if you get like third and second place, your reading requests double, as does your promoting time… O.o

So, I want all of the people who want to enter, tell me by the 15th of next month, which will be the 15th of February and the closing date for all finished stories will be the 15th of probably March.

Of you go and write me some stories!! :P

Oh and before I forget, please, when you publish it, put it in with your featured works and put it in the description. Also, just comment here if you want to enter or when you’ve published your story.

And one more thing, if not enough people decide they want to join, I’m just going to scrap the contest…

If you want to ask me any questions, go ahead and give me a comment :)

NO POEMS!! (Just thought I might add that :P)

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