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The price of innocence: Characters

By: Lostintheday

Page 1, Characters for the novel I\'m planning on writing.

Name: Cody Watson

Age: 18


Cody is a shy and mild mannered boy who finds it hard to fit in with the normality of the world. Because he isn't like anyone else. But it doesn't seem to bother him much; he knows he has a higher purpose than popularity. And over time, he has begun to realise the true reason for his birth...

Name: Marcie Jones

Age: 18


Marcie is a quiet girl with little to her on the outside in terms of making a statement. She would much prefer to meld into the crowd and stick her nose in a book than to act like most girls of the city she left behind. That's why she loves living in Angel's Way Falls. It's the peaceful haven she adores.

Name: Luke Watson

Age: 21


Luke is the older brother and guardian of Cody. It's not often that the town's people see him wandering about due to the fact he only ever roams the woods in which he lives. Of course he does go into town for the odd thing or two but it can be months before he is seen again. Despite his oddness, Luke is a kind and very generous soul.

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