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Ashes Character Pics

Miscellaneous By: Sarabethany
Young adult

As the title states. And look mom! No middle names this time :)

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Since there are so many characters Iwill include a short Bio. And YES I realize I don't have the most attractive guys for all of them(but they are realistic and how I pictured them). 'Cuz you know not all crushes(based on looks)make sense.


Asher Ruiz: He's shy, quiet, and mysterious. Likes to keep secrets, trusts no one, but is honest. Lost his father when he was younger. Levi Ruiz's only brother. No stranger to abusive substances, he's tried everything out there. Doesn't trust churchgoers or people in general. Turns from atheist to, later, agnostic(believes in God but not church). Age 18, senior.

FYI this guy has blue eyes, really pretty blue eyes and Iknow its kinda hard to tell but it was hard to find a pic showcasing his eyes(thats kinda the only reason for third picture). Even with his butt-chin, omg I think this guy is sooo handsome!


Rebecca Withers: I wasn't lying when I said this girl was curvy, but seriously I'm jealous of this girl she's so pretty.

Has a bad relationship with her parents, and is jealous of her brother Derek. Depends on friends(and boys) to feel appreciated. She is outspoken and honest. Has a crush on William Rodriguez and mixed feelings about Asher Ruiz. Age 17, junior.


Levi Ruiz: Is more important that you might first think. Ilove this guys curly hair, Ijust think he's so adorable.

Lost his dad when he was younger, and is Asher's little brother. Umm, he changes so much throughout the novel Idon't know how to describe him. Tries to be like his brother? Easily upset. Closest friends are Rebecca and Hunter. Age 14, freshman.


Ruth Ruiz: Lost her husband years ago, and is now raising her two boys (Asher and Levi) all by herself. Works as a nurse at a local hospital. Has a very strong faith and very open to expressing her faith(and general feelings) to those she is close to. Age 37.


Derek Withers: Rebecca's older brother, who seems to outshadow her in everything. He plays baseball for his college and has dreams of making the majors. Age 20, College Junior. Best friends are William and Derek.


Lorraine Delacruz: Incredibly tiny but gorgeous. Vengeful yet sweet, easily jealous, and keeps things to herself until she explodes. Is Rebecca's best friend and has a major crush on her very good friend, Nick. Does not play sports at all, but is willing to cheer on her friends Nolan and Rebecca. Is very good friends with Samantha. Age 17, junior.


Nicholas Forte: Built yet petitie. Friendly yet shy around girls he likes, protective of the girls in his life, slighty selfish, BIG MOUTH. Ex-stoner, and is Samantha and Hunter's older brother. Is best friends with William and Derek. Has a crush on fellow bandmate, Gabrielle. Good friends with Asher. Age 18, College Freshman.


Nolan Witts: Rebecca's best male friend, who has known her for a very long time. He doesn't belive in church but supports his friends. Plays Varsity baseball with Asher. Has an alleged crush on his best friend, Carrie. Age 17, Junior.


Samantha Forte: The well known flirt of the church. Is over protected by her older brother who cannot stand the sight of any males around her besides himself. She flirts with boys sometimes just to annoy her brother. Her best friend is Lorraine, and she is friends with Rebecca. Has a slight attraction towards Asher. Age 18, Senior.


William Rodriguez: Rebecca's crush, the self proclaimed preacher of the church. Confident, controlling, stubborn, and protective. Feels a sense of protectivness whenever a guy gets to close to Rebecca. Is Derek's best friend, and as such he feels a brotherly role towards her. He is a very good friend of hers. Never liked Asher.


Alice Delrio: And just for kicks! She is the ghost of girlfriends past!! She's important but she has no dialogue in this entire novel :)


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