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Miscellaneous By: saruhbear
Young adult


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When I woke up I had no idea if it was even the same day. I pulled the curtains and saw the small half moon rising in the distance. I had slept all day thankfully. I stretched letting my long sleeves pull up on my arm. My dark scars looking more brutal than ever before. I quickly pulled them back down, disgusted with myself, and headed for the bathroom. A nice hot, relaxing shower to get everything off my mind. Thats what I hoped for at least but I ended up crying the whole time. Nothing relaxing about that at all.

I stepped out into the cold air of my bathroom and wiped the fog off my mirror. No more runny makeup but it didn't matter if I was wearing makeup or not. I was still a wreck and so was the rest of my apartment. Sighing I sifted through my dresser drawers looking for sweats and a long sleeve shirt. I threw my hair up in a messy bun and didn't bother to put any makeup on. I checked my phone and once again the tears welled up in my eyes. Wiping them away quickly I shook my head.

"No, not again Amanda. Not right now." I spoke to myself softly. "You're going to get over him. No matter how many tubs of chocolate ice cream or boxes of overly-priced chocolates it takes. You're going to get over him."

I spent the next few hours cleaning my whole apartment. Not the 'shoves things under the couch and bed' cleaning, actual cleaning. I scrubbed the linoleum floors and vacuumed the carpeted portions. I gave it a whole new smell so when I came home it wouldn't make me cry again. I boxed all of Dylan's things, and honestly I contemplated burning it all. I didn't, deciding that I didn't want to stoop lower than he did and probably will continue to. I dropped the boxes outside my door preparing to take them to his house and putting it on the curb.

I pulled my hat down over my ears and my scarf tighter around my neck before walking out into the bitter cold with the huge box in my arms. It was five and a half blocks to his house, which on a normal day would take about twenty-five minutes to walk, but walking against the wind will take at least half an hour. If not more than that. I got glances full of judgment from several people as I passed them. My scarf whipped in the wind behind me as I hoisted up the box in my arms. The next thing I knew I was colliding with another body. I dropped the box on the ground and thought I heard something break. Not that I cared, he broke my heart so who cares if something of his broke.

"Oh God, I'm sorry!" and unfamiliar voice blurted out as they knelt to the freezing ground in front of me stumbling with the contents of the box in the harsh, bitter wind. I knelt down holding the box as they fumbled to put everything back in.

"This doesn't look like anything a girl would have... Taking it to your boyfriend?" he mumbled to me. I could feel his curious eyes trying to meet mine but I didn't bother to make contact with his. He said 'your boyfriend.' I shook my head and stood up quickly with the box in my arms. I started to walk away from him as fast as my numb, half frozen legs could take me. I thought he had just gave up and walked away but I soon heard his voice once again getting closer and closer.

"Hey, hey! Wait up!" he slowed down next to me. I could see his hot breath in the air in front of me. "I never got your name. You didn't say one word the whole time." I tried my hardest to ignore him and kept walking. I was almost to Dylan's house.


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