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Boys and her.

By: Tomasina

Page 1, This piece is about a teenage girl and her interactions with boys.


She was popular in high school, though to her she was just being herself. She had this manner or way to not manipulate but draw in boy’s attention, that is only if she wanted it. Of course she was drawn to the older popular boys who were all about sex, drugs, sports and partying. Its not that she thought that what they did was cool, its more that she wanted to fix them, show them that there is so much more happiness to be found rather than in what they’re doing. It would always begin with the online conversations that went on and on, she knew how to connect with people even just through words on a screen. She would continue with the effort but also make sure they knew that they didn’t own her, she always had to have the upper hand. After that there were meet ups, usually beginning with kissing then progressing, but she would always leave them hanging every now and again, she played a good tease. It wasn’t all fun and games to her though; she would lay down a level of seriousness, showing them that the relationship was deeper than that. Looking back it didn’t take her long to have them; but what is it to have someone? Is it a status of being boyfriend and girlfriend? Is it the vows exchanged in marriage that define it? Is it simply knowing that two people belong to each other and no one else? Or could it be knowing that another is completely attached and attracted both mentally and physically to you? To her it was none of those things, it was that she knew once she “had someone” they were always hers, not in a jealous ownership way, but in a way that assured her that even if they were to drift apart she could pick them back up exactly where they left off.

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