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Reasons Why Boys are Ridiculous

Miscellaneous By: ToriLynne
Young adult

This was written by me, Emily, Abby, and Amanda. **these are our thoughts, and do not apply to all boys.** do not take offense.

Submitted:Sep 28, 2010    Reads: 36    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

Reasons Why Boys are Utterly Ridiculous and Should Not Be Put Up With

1. They never listen.
2. Hot guys are jerks.
3. Nice guys are gay.
4. Hot and nice guys…… well, they don't exist.
5. All the cool, hot, nice, AMAZING guys are in books.
6. Some of them sparkle.
7. They're unhygienic.
8. They never give a straight answer.
9. They give off mixed signals.
10. They are incompetent.
11. They have an inability to do things right.
12. They are unsanitary.
13. They over think things that make no sense.
14. They think about sports too much.
15. They never buy good gifts.
16. They say 'I love you' only for sex.
17. They are icky.
18. They are impatient.
19. They never want to spend money on you.
20. They think they're cool when they do stupid things.
21. We love nerds, not preps!
22. They either try too hard or not hard enough.
23. They won't Shut Up!!!
24. They almost always have better eyelashes.
25. They lie.
26. They are immature.
27. They can't keep secrets.
28. They won't say if they like you or not.
29. They do not appreciate the goodness of Romantic Comedies.
30. They think Megan Fox is hotter than she is. (she has a toe thumb)
31. They only like shanks.
32. Staring down our shirts is not cool.
33. When we ask if we look fat, the right answer is always 'No.'
34. They think they are way better than they actually are.
35. They don't know how to be romantic.
36. They make inappropriate jokes that aren't funny.
37. They make you like them over and over, but in the end they hurt you more.
38. They think they can get anyone they want.
39. They don't take no for answer.
40. They're hairy
41. They eat whatever they want and don't gain a pound.
42. All their pants are four sizes too big.
43. Everything they do is a competition.
44. They don't like to share their feelings.
45. Their manly tales of stupid stuff they probably never did.
46. They think unhooking a bra with one hand is a talent.
47. They don't say sorry when they do something stupid.
48. They don't learn from their mistakes.
49. They never call when you want them to, or when they say they will.
50. Because they are!!


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