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The Perfects

Novel By: Jacquee
Young adult

Kasey is going into middle school and is in the same homeroom and multiple classes with her worst enemies (The Perfects). Without her best friend Chelsea with her like the last few years, she doesn't know what to do. But when school takes a surprising twist will Kasey be able to keep her friendship with Chelsea and her dignity? View table of contents...


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Ooh. 7th grade. The year of juicy gossip, and misleading words. The year I wanted to kill myself for many multiple flaws and problems. The year I really figured out who I was. I should probably introduce myself. My name is Kasey. Born May 23rd 1999. Brown Hair. Born with blue eyes which are now hazel. Parents divorced. Lives in Connecticut from a move in New York. Best friend Chelsea. It all starts here...

Yeah the first day of school? Homeroom? BLAH. Yeah coming from a perfect class where everyone was my best friend I wasn't expecting this. Briana. Marsha. Jenny. Dani. Kristie. Abby. AKA: the Perfects I don't like them. They don't like me. The only normal people Erica and Annika were like best friends and paired up together in everything. This left me to be partners with either unsightly Alex or outcast Omar. Not cool.

I had to sit next to Kristie on the first day. Yah know, the girl who puts metallic eye shadow all the way up to her eyebrow and put black eyeliner on every possible part of her eye? The blonde one who everyone thinks is "hot"? Funny story though... Because I have seen her without makeup before in the locker room... And let's just keep it between us that concealer can hide A LOT.

Behind me sat smarty pants Alton next to Jenny. Jenny as usual had her hot pink lips all over Allen. No- not because she thought his social awkwardness was hot, but because she liked to be a straight A student.

Dani was a biggie on clothes. She HAD to have Abercrombie things. And she HAD to get it NOW. Everything she wore had moose's on it. EVERYTHING. And her 3 foot hair was always tied up in a super high pony tail. Her laugh sounded fake and her voice was high pitched and she bloated as she talked about how her eyelashes were naturally long and dark but even I know that clumps don't happen naturally.

I guess you could call Briana the gymnast freak. Her legs were toned and tanned very nicely with streaks. Hr long black hair and almond eyes glared at anyone who came near. Her boyfriend Tommy and her friends (and the other guys she cheated on Tommy with) were the only ones allowed to even come near her. She was like an animal. She attracts mates with her usually routine. Short skirt. Cartwheel. Split. Flip. Bow. Boys came rushing over to her with date plans and she accepted all of them. Little knows what goes on at all of her study groups.

Marsha is a class clown (quote quote). She likes to humiliate people with sarcastic jokes. People still laugh at them even though they make no sense or are the stupidest jokes you ever heard because if you don't she will make stupid jokes about you and people will laugh even though they are not funny and then someone wont laugh and shell make another one and blah blah blah. Marsha was blonde and also played soccer. When the teacher asked her if she had any other jobs for her soccer team she replied: I clean balls. Her and her friends erupted in giggles. And as usual everyone else had to giggly too otherwise she would tell the teacher that you cleaned balls too.

Abby is the African American total glam. Unlike Kristie she doesn't need clops of concealer. But her attitude isn't as pretty as her face. She laughs with Marsha and points to every girl and finds a flaw in them. She unlocks weaknesses you didn't even know you had. That was what happened to me. She started to point at me and then I saw her lips mouth, "Shes so fat."


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