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The Project: The Novel

Novel By: absolutelyalice
Young adult

The year is 2122. Skye McClair lives a happy life in southern England. She's got an amazing best friend, good looks, and does well in school. She's even got a new crush - Asher. Everything isn't as perfect as it seems, though. When Skye was eleven years old, her dad left her, and she had to go live with her rich grandparents. The only thing she and her grandparents know, is that since her dad was one of the world's leading doctors, the government needed him for a 'secret project'. Every birthday, Skye receives a letter from her dad, where he lets her know that he's okay. On her seventeenth birthday, there's no letter, and Skye starts to worry. The government has threatened with 'consequences' if the truth comes out, but Skye ignores the government's words, and confesses to Asher. He has a secret of his own, and from that moment on, their worlds will never be the same. View table of contents...


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Chapter I

Isn't it funny how every second seems to be everlasting when you're having trouble falling asleep? Well, 'funny' isn't exactly the appropriate word, 'torture' is probably more fitting. You start pondering over what the true meaning of life is, things you wished you would've done differently and other self destructive subjects.

The bedroom is bathing in moon light, giving the place an almost spooky atmosphere. I hug my worn-out teddy bear to my chest and turn over in my queen-sized bed, so that I'm facing the ceiling. The tiny circular window that my grandfather built in himself, just above my bed, is revealing a midnight blue sky, sprinkled with shining stars. I smile slightly and kiss my teddy bear's head. Teddy (yes, I was very creative when it came to naming my stuffed animals) is my only comfort when I can't sleep. He smells so familiar, and if I close my eyes, I can almost trick myself into believing that I'm back home in London. He's probably a health hazard though, given that he hasn't had a trip to the washing machine since the day I ripped open the gift wrapper with him in it on my eleventh birthday. I remember my dad's joyous smile and how I gave him the world's biggest bear hug. It was one of our last moments together. Glancing over at my alarm clock, I sigh dramatically. It's already past midnight, and I haven't gotten a single minute of rest.

The day has been stressful - filled with back to school shopping, and a pre-birthday barbecue party, hosted by my grandparents. Nevertheless, I'm feeling wide awake. Tomorrow - well technically today, will be the first day of school, and in just a short week, I'll be turning seventeen. Seventeen? That just doesn't sound right, I think to myself, and toss over onto my stomach.

I let my thoughts drift back in time, to when I was a little kid, and my only worry at this time of the year, would be if I was going to get what I'd put on my wish list. I remember how I thought that people who were seventeen were practically grownups, and how I had wished that I was seventeen as well, so that I could do all of the things they could do. Birthdays are something I always look forward to, because to me, they come with a lot more than presents and chocolate cake. It's just that this year, it feels as if I haven't matured even the slightest bit since my sixteenth birthday. My life hasn't changed either, not in any aspect. It's just downright cruel how fast time flies by. Curling up into a little ball, making myself as tiny as possible, I close my eyes, forcing myself to at least get a couple of hours of sleep, before another semester packed with insignificant events begins.

Just when I've gotten to that lovely place where you're floating between sleep and awake, my cell phone starts buzzing. I swear under my breath, and squint at the bright light from the screen. It's Indigo, my best friend. Well, technically her name's Lexie, but ever since year eight, when a boy in our class felt the sudden need to start referring to her as 'Sexy Lexie', she made everyone call her Indigo instead. I must admit, it's pretty genius. I mean, what are you going to make out of 'Indigo'? I pick up the phone.

"You are aware that I was just about to enter dream land, right?" I ask in a low voice, not wanting to wake my grandparents, who just happen to be sound asleep in the room next to mine.

"It's an emergency, Skye," she replies in a muffled yet excited voice. Judging from the tone of her voice and her personality in general, it's most likely not an emergency at all.

"It really couldn't wait till tomorrow?" I ask, and add: "I thought you were coming over here in the morning." Ever since we became best friends about five years ago, we've never travelled to school without out each other's company.

"Yeah, I am, but I have a valuable piece of information for you," she whispers.

"I'm listening," I say, not having the energy to start an argument with her.

"You have to guess," she says, and I can almost see a huge grin spreading across her face.

"I'm not even going to make an attempt," I reply and roll my eyes, even though no one's around.

"You're such a bore," Indigo mutters. There's an awkward pause.

"Just get to the point, will you?" I glance at the clock again. "It's now 2 AM, and I haven't gotten any sleep whatsoever."

"Fine," she sighs. "I think I just got a new neighbour," she adds, seeming to have a hard time containing her excitement.

"That was the emergency?" I ask, disbelief in my voice.

"Not just any neighbour, a drop-dead-gorgeous neighbour," she squeals.

"Why didn't you call me . . . oh, I don't know, before the sun went down?" I drag my hand down my face.

"I didn't call you 'cause he just arrived, like right this second." I can hear footsteps, as if she's pacing.

"Where are you, anyway?" I ask, pulling my eyebrows together.

"I'm in my room, silly. Where else would I be?" I can hear her snort, before she adds: "I thought I heard the engine of a car, so I got my lazy bum out of bed, 'cause I thought whoever it was, had pulled up in our driveway, but it turned out that it was the house next door. I'm watching them from my window," she explains.

"So, they moved in at the middle of the night?" I ask, talking with my eyes closed.

"Yupp, it seems like it," she answers in an upbeat tone. She's obviously given up on trying to keep her voice down. "What if they're vampires?" she jokes.

I ignore the vampire joke. "I should go, Indigo," I say, pressing my palm against my eye, until multi-coloured stars start appearing.

"Don't you want me to give you the juicy deets?" Indigo asks, sounding disappointed.

My patience has run out. "Tomorrow," I answer brusquely and hang up. I feel bad straight away, butdue tomy lack of energy, I decide not to call her up and apologise. I look up at the star filled sky again, and it doesn't take long, before I no longer can keep my eyes open, and I finally get some much needed beauty sleep.


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