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Memoir Cherished Times Ahead

Novel By: abyskaria
Young adult

Look behind your footsteps. What comes one step ahead? Go across behind the times we can match up. We see the spring comes after a rain. I would say when we log-inside our inner chest reminds us of young tales and these say more fun than we can leave behind into one milestones of times ahead that carves us across the midst in time. Let us explore this story of a visitor who just gales by our midst with reasons we are supposed rewind our understanding in midst.:) View table of contents...


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Priceless are our hours and so everyone among our midst.
Chapter 1


Yesterday news reporters staying awake after the day light asked the editor, do we need another crew in our daily report? Well someone would have said in this novel who else say that the standstills in our days when we are across every events, we were put into one milestone into the world outside in real picture before our eyes, may be near or far but besides as the times our life have observed. This is a story of a age that passed by the midst. The changing face of modernity have always fixed our eyes and catches the distant attention of everyone in a distal of a hour when these days of childhood springs back us in mystery of filling the crystal picture where we are made out of this world in a view for bridging the brighter side. When I was a child, when even Bill Gates would have first met Obama on the shores of the Chicago times daily exploring the midst of a entrepreneur and ambitions who made reality fling besides our world in a desktop windows. Well we here and other times that shaped those era promises even the wiser part of another age when people could just be a part of significance they were earning with their totals. I am only added in pages of the lines that these are just a part of introductory segment of a new innovativeness we can bridge and i would swing a portion of my time telling you all what these part of segment has a introduction.


"I would love to travel my ancestral home near by my shore always", laid in the words of an endosulphan suffer in the midst of fruity cashew trees that laid their rest. In the Vietnam war hundreds of civilians were laid rest in the pain they still bore for a generation. People were shattered not because they lost their neither identity nor picture in their trustees but wanted the system of support to be kept running and they have always. Silent knights of a true words, I would say the peacekeepers suffering the pain of humiliation and yet on their duty were not paying the laid down arms for the lust of seekers. In the midst of the tribe those would have hated the pain as laughter for the media who reported that Nazi would have laid down their gallows laughter by now and the sideliner wrote we have passed a worming down of crimes. Days in our dreams we recall a home the gladiator would have said as home among the trustee and judged as matter of meekness in the subject of the true days that shaped and resurrected the other edge. Has someone would have blamed 9/11 as a significance if they geared what respect the nation mourned those who suffered the loss and few who were blamed in the midst of the lamp of their altar. Who would have asked among the rest who never understood what is right? Do we really understand what real picture would retrial in the means of the laying out the rest at hand had the significance in the brighter side of history? What would someone say that history even made our signs as an adventure in the life's? These are open questions and significance lies in the understanding of others in the midst of wrong designs we commit when we can't know what really is not true. When a decade has passed we have bridged a shore and we met few sages who might again ask us do you go through what meanings dreams are made of. When you ask someone what is the dream that made you when you have made the step one day ahead and did you reciprocated the adherence of wonders that filled your eyes before the other day when someone else would have asked you, what dream may be your best friend always surprises when you look into the eyes of a person whom you never met yesterday and one day saw waving for your endeavor and compassion that lifted you to be made where you are now till this day? When no one expect the person face reads that glitter in their smile was the respect those young siblings who never waved back but kept safe from the deserted respect owned by many who constituted their young life from the hard and shades of the fire beside their tend that wiped off the grains of their fields at the harvest time. Today in the fields they have the right but no access for the right input for freedom of coming up among their siblings. Some come after harvest with some grain and stay amidst two lands that unite a shore in the midst of waters of the day. Yet they have dreams and mobility of access of free education may make them illiterate, can those young siblings have the rest of faith superior in our lives if we can't be the same for them. I would say we are living in a closer space that howsoever be the securities there is no surety that we don't have more gains and we may lose all our fortunes as the days unknown yet to come where who knows beyond written words may not fall from sky but some discrepetionaries. Less expectationaries come in our midst when we stay awake but least when we shut our eyes. There comes this picture of life in our midst. Look beyond these words. How many of us would acclaim that we are not alone and we need more surprises that come from true feelings and tender less wrong ways of generating our exchanges? The point I am making is, can we still stick with learning models without providing for its wider reach? Today we have seen that our world is getting crowded with the need to stay afloat. We need less from our intervals of the hour that call for arming us from the ammunitions and we need them we cannot know that there is a next step we are hedging towards in a really welcoming world of total sub unions. Our barriers need floating in space and we assume more that less in a vision of upbringing brighter part of tomorrow one day once a step ahead and always across awesome milestones cherishing the spirit of a human family with peace, love and hope even in the dew that shapes its sky with a sparkle in the eyes of the bees that comes one par. Take care. :)


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