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Sleeping With The Enemy

Novel By: Adelaide DeWitt
Young adult

Tags: Battle, Magic, Love, Sex

Written By: Tori Emerald Deluca AKA Adelaide DeWitt

Copywrite - 2010

Sleeping With The Enemy
In the world of fantasy you must choose a side protect the world, or help to destroy it. Alice is one of those who help to protect the world and DJ Is the hot guy who is one of those who wants to destroy the world. “Why are all the hot guys on the other team?” Alice is captured by DJ’s side and DJ and Alice fall in love. DJ thinks he can trust Alice and he is right. Alice and DJ start making out and having sex. But when Alice’s team finally rescue her........they walk in right in the middle of..........IT!!
Alice the 21 year old protector of the world wants only to find love but is the love she finds the right love.



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Submitted:Apr 10, 2010    Reads: 374    Comments: 21    Likes: 4   

Chapter 1

Night patrol and an unexpected battel

It was Alice's nightly patrol, she wasn't looking for a fight she never was, she never dose. She has never battled alone before and she wasn't planing to but she heard footsteps coming from behind her, Alice turned around, they sounded like they were coming from the bushes that were surrounding her it.

It wasn't coming from just one area; it was like she was surrounded, the noises were coming from every were, but then it all went silent, maybe it was just the wind, but the wind can't make footstep sounds. Alice was wondering what made them as she continued patrolling, walking up and down the main park, not looking for trouble, she was hoping no trouble would come her way.

She heard a twig snap! Alice jumped, she turned around and put her elbows touching her hips and then opened her had quickly and fire came out, Alice had an ability which allowed her to create fire and or manipulate it, Fire was her friend.

Alice stood there looking around trying to see if she could locate it she close one hand and the fire went from that hand she started walking towards were she heard the twig snap when she heard.

"Look how is out by her self at night." It was DJ.

DJ was evil he was supper hot but Alice and DJ were enemy's even if one of them had feelings for the other one it would never happen because one was a protector and the other was a destroyer.

"You got a lot of guts coming to face me by your self." Alice replied

Alice wasn't afraid of DJ.

"I'm not alone I just told them to stay in the shadows until I need them." He said

"To do what" Alice said

"You'll see" DJ said in a mysteriously evil voice

"Look I can take all of you freaks on at once by myself" she said

Truth was she couldn't she may be the worlds most powerful protector but deep down she was just a scared girl afraid of what could happen if she lost control of her powers, yea you heard it Power(s) meaning more than her manipulating fire ability. Normally each protector only had one ability but Alice had a second ability one that she never uses it was illusions, Alice could create any illusion she wanted.

"Lets test that theory of yours but first just in case you get hurt, why don't you and I battel" he said

DJ had a power that was a lot stronger than Alice's he could create lightning, disappear in a lighting bolt even throw lightning bolts.

"You're On DJ!" Alice yelled

Alice Threw a big fire flame but DJ made a shield that blasted the fire straight back at Alice she had to quickly move. She just dogged it one more second and she would have been dead.

That's the harsh reality of being a protector you could die when you're out on a nightly patrol.

Alice was nearly struck by one of DJs lightning bolts but it just missed but she got hurt a bit but that didn't stop her from fighting back.

The battel went on for a while but it ended with booth of them with the hands and knees on the floor out of breath needing to rest.

DJ never lost or was never tired from a big battel, and this wasn't going to be is first time he stood up with scars all over him from being hit with Alice's power so much.

Alice tried to get up but she couldn't her arms couldn't help lift her and even when she did finally get up her legs were so saw she fell back down.

DJ started left the park and Alice finally stood up and walked back with scars every were she didn't want to tell the others she lost a battel with DJ, they wouldn't let her patrol by herself again and Alice didn't like working in a team, well it wasn't that but she thinks its easier to look out for your self and no one else.

Alice arrived back at the house and Melody was walking down the stairs and saw Alice with the scars every were she ran down the stairs and turned the light on and ran up to her to see if she was okay.

"Alice! What happened? Are you okay?" melody asked

"I'm fine melody" Alice replied

"You don't look fine what happened" melody asked again

"I ran into DJ on my patrol and we got into a battel" Alice said she continued "But I'm fine Melody really I am." But the truth is Alice wasn't fine at all inside she felt like she was dying and the pain was the worst.

"Are you sure you are okay?" she asked Alice one again

"Yes I am going to be fine I just need to go up stairs and have a shower then rest and in the morning I will be absolutely fine the only thing I need is to rest, now goodnight" Alice walked over to the light and turned It off and then up the stairs to her room.

She got her pyjamas out and went to have a shower. The scars weren't that bad after she had a shower but she still didn't believe how badly she got defeated last night and that DJ could have killed her but he didn't he just walked off.

She climbed into bed and that same question of why DJ didn't finish her off he could have but he just left.

In Alice's dream that's all that went threw but she made the end of her getting one lightning bolt thrown at her and then she would die.

Alice was tossing and turning that whole night and in her dream she asked that question.

"Why didn't you kill me?" Dream Alice asked the Dram DJ

"It wasn't a battle were I was going to kill you." Dream DJ replied

Alice was confused

"I don't understand"

"It was a test." He said

Alice sat up in her bed with her eyes opened wide but was that the real reason or just something she made up.


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