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If I had wings I'd fly away

By: Akira Miyoko

Chapter 1, This Chapter just introduces the characters in this story and gives the readers a feel about what this story is really about.

Main Characters

  • Gabriella Bachner- Main Character of the story. 16 years old-Senior in Highschool. Raised up in a unstable home with a alchoholic father and a mother who dose indesent things for money
  • Maria Sanchez-Gabriella's best friend in California who stands by her to the end or at least to when Gabriella runs away but even then Maria never gives up on her
  • Joshua-Guy who knocks Gabriella up at the orphanage and takes no responsibility for the child once Gabariella tells him that she is pregnant
  • Ms. Carter-Widowed woman who works at the hospital where Gabriella went to have her child who takes Gabriella into her home and watches after Gabriella's babies and gives her a job at wal-mart
  • Felicia and Treyvon-Gabriella's babies who are not cared for by their mother but instead are taken care of of by Ms. Carter
  • Romeo-One of Gabriella's friends who works at wal-mart who is also a drug dealer and gets Gabriella a job at a club as a exotic dancer. Romeo also gets Gabriella pregnant with her second child
  • B.J-Romeo's friend who also goes out with Gabriella behind Romeo's back. Is involved in the confusion when Gabriella is not sure who is the father of her second child
  • Allsion-Gabriella friend at the club but is also Romeo's ex-girlfriend

Minor Characters

Gabriella's Parents

Maria's Parents



Police Officers

Orphange Supervisors

Hospital Staff

Other Drug Dealers

Other Exotic Dancers

Other people who work at Wal-mart

Any other people who might be in the story that I did not mention





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