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If I had wings I'd fly away

By: Akira Miyoko

Chapter 2, This chapter is beginning of Gabriella Bachner\'s life. This chapter illustrates and gives the readers a glimpse of her life.

Today was like every other day for Gabriella Bachner, she woke up to an empty house because her dad was out getting wasted and her mother had had a long night with one of her clients. From the outside looking in, Gabriella had a perfectly normal life but from the inside everything was disorderly. Yes, today was like every other day for Gabriella but this morning there was a note left beside her bed written by her father before he left. Gabriella woke up and read the note aloud: "Dear Gabi, have a good day at school today honey--I'm thinking of you". After Gabriella read the note she gagged at the sound of her own self reading her dad's sympathetic and sarcastic letter. Gabriella knew that her dad would never say these things and truly mean them; he never said anything that he meant. Anytime he would say "I love you" Gabriella knew that he didn't mean a single word of it. Gabriella climbed out of bed and hobbled across the floor to the shower. After her shower she picked out her hip-hugger bell-bottomed jeans and a plain white shirt and put it on. She ran down stairs, picked up her cell-phone and dashed outside to catch the bus.


The bus was about 10 minutes late, as usual so it gave her time to do finish up on the homework that she had not finished the night before due to her favorite TV show coming on. She was so into finishing her homework that she did not notice the bus roll up beside her so the bus driver honked at her to come on. "Hey girl, what’s up", Maria said moving her backpack and lunch so that Gabriella could sit down next to her. "Oh nothing, same oh same oh, my folks acting like lunatics and I am the only sane person around my house". "Girl, you are so funny you should be a comedian when you grown up" Maria laughed smashing a fly that had been buzzing above her head into the window with her journal. "You had breakfast?" Maria asked pulling out a cereal bar and offering one to Gabriella. "No, there ain't nothing to eat at my place, so I was just going to go to the breakfast at school, but since you have food then I guess I will just eat that" Gabriella said taking one of the cereal bars that Maria had in her hand. They sat munching on their cereal bars for the remainder of the ride to school.


When the bus arrived at school people were still waiting outside waiting on the doors to be unlocked to the school. When the bus driver let the students off the bus they all went and joined their different cliques and started new conversations. Gabriella and Maria went and sat on one of the empty steps to the school.” Maria, you know it's going to start getting cold soon" Gabriella said looking out into the clear blue sky. "Gabi, it gets cold every year that's what the seasons do" Maria said following Gabriella's gaze. "No, Maria, my mom, its going to start getting to could for her to work outside which means she'll have to bring her work home", "Gabi, you know you are welcomed to my house, you're like a sister to me, my parents treat you like you are one if their own children". The bell rang and the staff of Warren High unlocked the doors to the school.Inside the school, students filled the hallways. The school building came alive with the sounds of teachers yelling at various students, the stomping of students down the hallway, and students discussing the latest gossip at the school. Maria walked with Gabriella down to the end of the hallway, and then they split up and went their separate ways to their separate first block classes.


Gabriella hated first block for her different reasons but not only did she hate it because it was music and her teacher was a moron but because of the "wanna be pimp' of the class Christopher.”Hey Gabriella, I think I saw your mama on the corner this morning get in the car with some man after he paid her" Christopher said taking his seat in the back of the class. "Shut the heck up Christopher, you don’t know my mama so stop talking about her" Gabriella hissed turning around facing the front of class trying to redirect her attention away from Christopher. "Today class, you will receive your term projects, you will come pick a country out of that hat and you will become an expert on that country in the time span that I am giving you, I don't care how you present this information but you MUST have a detailed presentation, now come pick your countries out of this hat” the teacher said placing the hat on his desk and taking his seat. Gabriella waited until most of everyone had picked their countries out of the hat before she went up to go get hers. She reached her hand in and picked the scrap of paper that was at the very bottom of the hat but she waited until she got back to her desk to see what country she had chosen. When she got back to her desk she slowly unfolded the scrap of paper revealing her country. She had chosen Argentina, she wasn't upset with her choice and she wasn't mad, it just wasn't the country she would have chosen if the teacher would have allowed her to choose her country orally. As the class went on Gabriella's mind began to wander and she began to daydream. She thought about where her mom might have been at that time and how many bottles her dad had already drunken. She thought about her childhood and how good it had been before all this crap had started. "Gabriella can you tell me where Latin music originated from" the teacher said. Gabriella was too far gone to hear what he had said. "Gabriella! Daydreaming again huh, well you can daydream all you want in after school detention today" the teacher shouted shaking his head. Some of the students in the class snickered at the teachers remarks.


 The class went on for about another fifteen minutes and when the teacher released the class Gabriella was nearly starving.Gabriella flew out of the classroom and down the hallway but when she entered the cafeteria it was already slam packed. Students were standing around talking and others were chowing down on their food. The other ones were waiting in line to get there food. Gabriella weaved and bobbed through the crowd. She was almost in the line but she accidentally moved past the wrong person, Cynthia Rose. Now Cynthia was one of those types of people who thought they "owned the world" but the thing that was different with Cynthia was she was popular and beautiful, so that was two points on her side. "Excuse me, who do you think you are” Cynthia asked looking Gabriella up and down. "I'm sorry, I just want to get in line to eat, do you mind?", "look, don't get an attitude", "you're the one getting an attitude" Gabriella said defending herself. "Aren’t you the one who has a ho for a mother", "don't talk about my mother, you don't know her", "oh what you gonna do, get her to get one of her CLIENTS on me". It was too late she had sent Gabriella over the top. Gabriella lunged at her with flying fists; she landed right on top of Cynthia. Gabriella pulled Cynthia's hair and punched at her face. In self defense Cynthia started punching Gabriella also. The students in the cafeteria froze for a quick second but then quickly joined in the action. Some of them tried to break up the fight but others joined in. The teachers jumped in immediately trying to break the whole thing up. Finally some of the teachers pulled the two girls apart and walked them down to the office.


Gabriella and Cynthia had been given a turkey sandwich, some beets, and a carton of chocolate milk instead of the traditional pizza, chips and soda that was supposed to be served today. Gabriella gobbled down her turkey sandwich and gulped down her chocolate milk. She left the beets on the side because beets made her sick to the stomach. Cynthia was sitting on the other side of the room watching her eat in sheer horror. "Now I know why you're as big as a house, you eat like an animal" Cynthia said rolling her eyeballs.” Now I know why you're as skinny as a bean pole, you eat like an anorexic mule" Gabriella said in self defense. Cynthia glanced at the door to the office where the principal was listening to the teacher and student witnesses. After about ten minutes went by, the principal finally came out of the office looking perplexed. "I am utterly shocked that you girls started that riot in my cafeteria today, I am mostly surprised with you Cynthia, and I wouldn't expect this sort of thing out of you" Mrs. Burns, the principal, said shaking her head. "It wasn't my fault at all, she started talking about my mother and then she jumped on me for no reason like a mad animal” Cynthia shouted casting an evil glance over at Gabriella. "You little liar...", "Gabriella, I have heard all I need to hear, I don't need you putting your to cents into everything, I have already made up my mind, Cynthia you have a week of after school detention and Gabriella you have two weeks of In-School-Suspension and you both will get a phone call home" Mrs. Burns said sitting down directly in front of both of the girls.” This is a load of crap" Gabriella said storming out of the office and slamming the door behind her on her way out. When she left the office she went back over everything that had happened to her so far that day. She thought: Why did she have to be cursed with such irresponsible parents. Why couldn't she have had some nice normal ones that actually cared, ones that would be there for her when she needed them the most, like now. But it was too late, she was stuck with them for life... but not if she could help it.


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